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File contributed by:  C.Hunt and Celia Ewald

    [From Major J. Grove White, 57th Regiment.]

'Tablets on the walls inside the church':--

"Near this place | In the Family Vault | of WILLIAM VERLING 
Esqre. Councr. At Law | Lye the Remains | of his wife MARTHA 
VERLING, |daughter of HODDER ROBERTS Esqre. | Her 
affectionate husband | in gratitude to the Memory of a most 
faithful and loving wife | fond mother and sincere friend | 
caused this little monument to be erected.  |  She dyed at 
the city of Corke | on the 30th day of April 1769.| Aged 49 
years. | And sleeps in full but humble confidence | of a 
Joyful Resserrection (sic). | Her Daughters JANE and 
CATHERINE sleep | with her."
	Sphinx, Egypt. XLIV. Regt.
Crossed swords through a laurel wreath, in front of crossed colours.

"To the Memory of |Brevet-Major JOHN LOFTUS OTWAY MANSARGH | 
44 Regiment | who died near Aden on his passage to England. 
| on the 24th January 1863. | aged 27 years. | after arduous 
exertions in the zealous perform- ance | of his duty on 
Field Service | in the North of China. | This Tablet | is 
erected by the officers of the Regiment | As a tribute of 
their love and esteem | and to mark their Deep regret | at 
the loss of one | whose worth and many Noble qualities | Had 
so much endeared him | to his Brother officers."

There is also a tablet to the memory of MARY, the wife of 
JOHN SOUTH- GATE MANSERGH, of Greenane, County Tipperary, 
and only child of RICHARD MARTIN, of Clifford, 
Castletownroche Parish.  She died 3rd Sept., 1811, 37 years 
of age.'

'A tablet is erected to the memory of ANNA, wife of CAPTN. 
W. J. HOARE.  She died 3rd January, 1856, aged 28 years.'

'In the churchyard':--
"JN. COMYN of Clare Castle, Co. Clare, died 22nd August,
1825, aged 27 years."

"Burial Place of JAMES TROY and Family, 1843."

"CHARLES HAY, died 3rd August, 1771."


"FRANCIS ELIE, native of Grenville, Normandy, died 7th May,
1834, aged 45 years."

15th August, 1887, aged 48 years."

"ROBERT WEBB, J.P., of Quartertown House, Mallow, died
23rd November, 1882, aged 53 years."

"JOHN WEBB, died 15th October, 1816, aged 59 years.
FRANCES, his wife, died 6th December, 1818.
ROBERT, their son, died February, 1852, aged 63 years.
His wife MARY died 1832, aged 42 years."

"ALEXANDER REID, of Montrose, in Scotland."  (Illegible.)

"THOMAS KEATS, of Castletownroche, died 23rd February,
1825, aged 74 years.  Also his son THOMAS, died 15th
January, 1828, aged 1 year and 9 months."

"WILLIAM WILSON, Esqre., of Kilcesummer House, died 8th
January, 1874.  His father and mother also lie here."

"REVD. JOHN LEE, Rector of Bridgetown, County Cork, died
22nd December, 1873, aged 51 years."

"Erected by SIDNEY CORCORAN, to the memory of his son
JOSEPH, who died 19th May, 1860, aged 18 years."

"Erected by EDWARD WILSON, in memory of his father
MICHAEL WILSON, died 17th December, 1859, aged 56 years."

"JAMES SAVILLE, Sergeant 2nd Battn. 1st Royals, died of
Cholera at Nusserabad, 1st Sept., 1869, aged 30 years."

"Erected by Sergeant JAMES and ELLEN SAVILLE, 2nd Battn. 1st 
Royals, in remembrance of their two children JAMES and JOHN, 
who died 28th December 1865, aged 2 years and 6 months.  
Also JULIA ELLEN, died at Nusserabad, 17th Sept. 1867, aged 
1 year and 6 months.  Also ANNA CATHERINE, died 3rd 
November, 1869, aged 10 months."

"JULIA O'CALLAGHAN, died 1st January, 1869, aged 29 years. 
Also her brother DAN, died 20th September, 1863, aged 15 
years.   Also their mother, CATHERINE O'CALLAGHAN, died 31st 
July, 1878, aged 63 years.  Also their father, TIMOTHY 
O'CALLAGHAN, died 31st January, 1880, aged 76 years."

"MARIA ELIZABETH ECCLES MAGINN, born 31 Augt., 1851, died 6 
Octr. 1858.  Also ANN ECCLES MAGINN, born 23 Decr., 1852, 
died 4Novr., 1864.  Also JAMES ECCLES MAGINN, born 17 Novr., 
1865, died 6 June, 1866, children of C.A. MAGINN, A.M., 
Rector of Castletownroche, and MARY his wife.  MARY MAGINN, 
died March, 1875, and ANN MAGINN, died Septr., 1881, sisters 
of C.A. MAGINN."

"REVD. JOHN MAGINN, Rector of Castleltownroche, died 25th
Octr., 1840, aged 36 years."

"Erected by JOHANNA MULCAHY to the memory of her brother,
JOHN HORRAGAN, died 4 July, 1834, aged 56 years."

"EDMOND DOYLE, died 7th Feby., 1756, aged 92 yeasrs.
His wife ELIZABETH died 14th November, 1762."

"Erected by PAT and JAMES NAGLE, of Ballysheen, to their 
father JOHN, who died 10 July, 1836, aged 59 years."

"To memory of MARY GREEN, and of her grandson GEO. GREEN,
who died 1761, aged 21 years."

"Erected by JOHN BROWSE, of Mallow, in memory of his
Father THOMAS, who died 4 Jany., 1829, aged 60 years.
And of his mother CATHERINE, who died 2 March, 1819.
Also his brother."  (Illegible.)

"Erected by CORNELIUS O'BRIEN, of Castletownroche, in
Memory of his son JOHN, who died 29 Sept. 1834."

"ELLEN DRISLANE, died 25 Mar., 1762, aged 49 years."

"Burial Place of PAT CLANCY and Family, and their
daughter ELLEN."  (Illegible.)

"REVD. THOMAS HOARE, Rector of Castletownroche, born
28 April, 1779, died 15 Dec., 1835."

"JOHN WELSTEAD, died 18th October, 1808, aged 42 years,
Erected by his widow BRIDGET."	[Altar-tomb.]

"CHLOTILTA LUCY HOARE, died 13 July, 1886, aged 75 years."

"JEREMIAH O'CALLAGHAN, died 28 Sept., 1840, aged 68
Years."  (Family Burial Place.)

"THOMAS UPINGTON, died July, 1808." (Family Burial Place.)

"Erected by DANIEL MURPHY in memory of his brother
BARTHOLEMEW, who died 13 July, 1839, aged 34 years."

"MARY KRE, died 25 Nov., 1778."

"JOHN FLING, died 1736, aged 64 years."

"JOHN ROCHE, died 27 March, 1772."

"Erected by DANIEL and PATRICK BARRY, of Castletownroche, In 
memory of their father THOMAS, who died 23 October, 1828."

"Family Burial Place of ULICK FLINN, of Ballygrican.  He
Died 7th August, 1785, aged 69 years."  (Illegible.)

"JOHANNA O'BRIEN, of Renny, died 4 April, 1801, aged
20 years.  Erected by her father WILLIAM."

"WILLIAM CLANCY, died 1791, aged 29 years, erected by
His father TIMOTHY."

"TIMOTHY CLANCY, died March, 1787, aged 38 years."

"MATHIAS COLLINS, died 10 Novr., 1786, aged 58 years."

"Erected by PAT COLLINS, Rathnacarten, to memory of His 
father MATHEW, who died 23 March, 1878, aged 80 Years.  Also 
his mother MARGARET, who died 1st Feby., 1870, aged 58 

"WILLIAM COLLINS, died 12 May, 1762, aged 90 years."

"MRS. MARY MANSERGH, died 3 Sept., 1811, aged 37 years."

"MATTHEW BLAKE, died 16 March, 1871, aged 50 years.
Erected by his widow JOHANNA BLAKE."

'The vault of the GROVE Family (now extinct), and 
subsequently of the GROVE-ANNESLEY Family of Anne's Grove, 
Castletownroche, has no Inscription on the slab which is on 
the footpath on south side of the church. The vault goes 
under the church.'

'The vault of the FURLONG Family is in east side of 
churchyard, and Bears inscription to that effect.'

'Tombstones are also erected to the Families of O'NEILL, 
	'I had no time to copy the inscriptions.'

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland FHL# 1279252