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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & M.J. Bradley

[From Herbert Robertson, M.P., Huntington Castle, Clonegal.]

Inscription on a tombstone at Carrigtuohill, recently sent 
me by the Rev. John Levingston, the rector of the parish;-
This tombstone is erected by John Durdin in memory of his 
father Michael Durdin his wife and brothers  also John 
Durdin's wife & son, & for himself whensoever it shall 
please God to call him, aged 97 John Durdin died aged 96 
years  Alexander Durdin died 20 September 1807 aged 95 

John Durdin, who erected the tombstone, lived at 
Ballymagooley, in this parish, and died in 1772, aged 96l; 
his father had died, aged 97, in 1712, at Ballymagooley. 
John's wife was Anne, daughter of Alexander Cole, of 
Innoshannon, Co. Cork. Alexander Durdin, whose death is 
recorded in the second addition made to the inscription, was 
the son of John Durdin, and lived at Shanagarry Castle, the 
seat of the Penn family, acquired by him through his 
marriage with the widow of William Penn, grandson of the 
great William Penn, sole devisee of the family property, 
under the will of her son, Springett, and at Huntington 
Castle, Clonegal, Co. Carlow, where his decendants still 
reside. 'Aged 97' at the end of the original inscription, 
may record that Michael Durdin died at that age (which is 
the fact), but more probably means that John erected the 
tombstone in the last year of his life, and called himself 
one year older than he actually was.


    [From Colonel J. Grove-White, M.R.S.A.I.]
		CU  M: F:  BEAT: & SP: S
			ANNO 1792

The above is the inscription on a slab of limestone; 1 ½ 
foot square, and 3 inches thick, which was the dedication 
stone of Churchtown Parish Church, Co. Cork. This church was 
demolished about ten years ago. The Rev. W.H. Cotter, M.A., 
LL.D., rector of Buttevant Parish Church, Co. Cork, informs 
me that it was formerly fixed in a recess on the west inside 
wall of the church.

He brought it to Buttevant Parish, and it is now in the 

Churchtown Parish Church was known as the "New Church," 
there having been an earlier one.

The Rev. Dr. Cotter renders the translation as follows: 
Together with the blessed Son & the Holy Spirit This House 
of Prayer was dedicated to the Best & Greates God, in the 
year 1792.
Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland: vol. 6 1904 - FHL #