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File contributed by:  C. Hunt and M. Taylor

    [From Mr. James Coleman, M.R.S.A.I.]
'This churchyard lies a short distance from the seaside 
village of Ringaskiddy, on the south-west side of Cork 
Harbor.  Isolated as it is, it seems to be a favorite 
burial-place judging from the number of headstones, many of 
an older date than are usually found elsewhere.  One in 
fact, now partly illegible seems to date so far back to 
1522, though the lettering would indicate a much later 
period. 'Close by are the ruins of Castlewarren, a castle 
said to have been originally built by the Anglo-Norman 
Knight Miles de COGAN.
'The following are some of the inscriptions here' :-    
This is the burial-place of Patrick CONER and his family, 
and his wife IOANE COGGAN who departed this life Anno Domini 
1720 [Some of the letters are conjoined] 
This is the burial place of William FLYNN and his family, 
also his son William FLYNN who departed this life February 
the 5th 1732 aged 17 years.
The burial place of Ritc'd HARDING, Esq. WHO PARTED LIFE 
1760 AGED 50 YEARS
Hic jacet corpus Rev'd DMI | Ioannis O'CALLAGAN OLIM Parochi 
de Carricalline Cuius | Familia Est Sepulchrum Quo Depositum 
Fuit Corpus | Rev'd Dmi Donati LYANE PARO In de Temple Bridy 
Qui Obiit | 4 Die Junii Anno 1779 | Reqviescant in Pace.
Here lieth the body of Timothy CURRAN who departed life 
February 2nd 1784
This stone was erected by John REAGAN for the use if his 
Posterity and in memory of his son William who departed this 
life August 27th 1788 aged 21 years. Requiescant in Pace 
The burying place of George & John GALWAY and their family.  
He dep't Dec 4th 1802 aged 34 years.  May they rest in Peace 
Here lies the remains of John Clement FERRIER, A Native of 
Mons who dep't this life on the 5th June 1806.  Aged 70 
years.  He was a Pious Christian A faithful servant and an 
honest man.
In memory of Andrew younger son of Andrew HART  of 
Shanbally.  He died July 12th 1818 aged 22 years.  He 
possessed great learning, exalted virtues, and humble piety. 
 Peace to his gentle shade and endless rest: may he enjoy 
the glories of the blest.  Amen. Erected buy his father.
Erected by Richard O'Sullivan in the Memory of his Father 
and Mother.  His father Richard O'SULLIVAN died April 12th 
1838 Aged 99 years.  His mother Anastatia died August 12th 
1825 Aged 77 years.  May they rest in peace Amen.  For his 
own use and the use of his Posterity.
Erected by Mrs Catherine WALSH and children in Memory of her 
beloved Husband and in dutiful remembrance of their ever 
venerated Father John WALSH who died the 9th of July 1847 
aged 69 years.  May he rest in peace Amen. 
In loving Memory of our beloved brother William WALSH who 
died in New York April 20th. 1897 aged 47 years.  R.I.P. 

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland: vol. 6 1904 - FHL #