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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & M.J. Bradley

    [From Vol. XIV, p. 267 of the Journal of the R S A I.]

Mr. Denis A. O'Leary, of Charleville, contributed the 
following notice of John MacDonnell "Claragh," the Poet, to 
the above Journal:- '"The Jabobite poet John MacDonnell, 
know by his cognomen of "Claragh" (the Clare man), is buried 
within the ruined church of Ballysally, about a quarter of a 
mile south of the town of Charleville, Co. Cork, where an 
ordinary limestone slab , 2 feet by 4 feet long, stands at 
the head of a grave, and bears the following inscription"':-

		          I H S
		Johanes McDONALD congno-
		Minatus Claragh, vir vere
		Catholicus atq. Tribus linguis
		ornatus, nempe Greca Latina
		et Hybernica: non Vulgaris
		ad hunc ceppum, obijt Etatis
		63 Anno salutis 1754.
		Requiescat in Pace
John McDONALD (recte MacDonnell), surnamed Claragh, a man 
truly a Catholic, and accomplished in three languages, 
namely Greek, Latin, and Irish; a poet of no common genius, 
is buried under this gravestone.  He died of the age of 63 
in the year of salvation 1754.  May he rest in peace.

'John MacDONNELL ranked as a gentleman-farmer, and held land 
called Clybee, lying to the north of Carleville.  Mny of his 
poems have appeared in different works. - O'Daly's "Poets 
and Poetry of Munster," "Jacobite Reliques," &c.  He was 
called Claragh from the fact that his family originally came 
from County Clare.'
				W FitzG.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland: vol. 6 1904 - FHL #