Clare - Riley (O'Reilly), Michael January 1, 1884

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File contributed by: Shawn Riley-Deitelbaum July 24, 2011, 6:17 pm


Source: Shawn Deitelbaum

Date of photo is approximate. Michael Riley (O'Reilly), b. 
1835, Co. Clare, d. 1885, Negaunee, Michigan, of cancer. 
Shortly before his death, the local newspaper reported that 
he had developed a tumor on his neck, which was removed and 
then returned. I believe the handkerchief he is wearing 
around his neck in this photo is meant to conceal the tumor, 
but the swelling on the right side of his face is still 
evident. Michael was married to Margaret (nee Shannon) 
Riley. They had five children. He worked as a drayman for a 
local lumber mill.