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File contributed by: Deborah Eidson August 
2, 2011, 9:19 am


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The Downs family photo was taken in Buffalo, NY in 1912 by 
photographer Ryerse of 31 Emslie St.  The occasion is 
unknown but my great grandfather, John Downs (front row 
center) is wearing a ribbon that says "Chicago 1912".  He 
worked 40 years as a section foreman on the Nickel Plate 
Railroad and my guess was that he received some kind of 
service award.

Back Row:  Mary Downs, Nellie Downs, Margaret Downs
Front Row:  Thomas J. Downs, John Paul Downs, Patrick J. 

They were all born in County Clare to Patrick and Ellen 
Downs.  There was another sibling who passed before the 
photo was taken - Bridget Downs.

John Paul - 1858-1922 (Edgerton, IN)  Came to USA in 1876
Thomas J. - 1863-1936 (Bradford, PA)  Came to USA in 1886 
Margaret - 1864-1931  (Buffalo, NY)   Came to USA in 1890
Patrick J. - 1866-1936  (DuBois, PA)  Came to USA in 1886
Bridget - 1869-1901  (Buffalo, NY)    Came to USA in 1887
Nellie - 1872-1918  (Buffalo, NY)     Came to USA in 1888
Mary - 1874-1948  (Buffalo, NY)       Came to USA in 1892

Additional Comments:
I am searching for more information on the parents - Patrick 
and Ellen Downs (born about 1830's).  Downs was also Ellen's 
maiden name.