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RESCUE  APRIL 15, 1815

Ennis Chronicle 15 April 1815 April 15, 1815
On Monday last, an act of outrage as unjustifiable as it was
unprevoked, took place in the suburbs of this town  About 2
o'clock a poor traveller was assailed by some unthinking
wretches who making use of the epithet " Hangman " - soon
collected a vast crowd, amoung whom we are concerned to
observe, that not a single feature of humanity was
descernable - all seemed alike determined on Murder, as it
was next to a miracle that the miserable stranger, covered
with wounds and contusions, made his way into the house of
Newpark, where he was protected, by Mr  MAHON, until a
military guard arrived to disperse the savages who seemed to
thirst for the blood of their fellow creature