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Clare Champion 3 Aug 1933 August 3, 1933
Moher Revisited

A fine monument to the late Cornelius O'Brien stands at the
foot of the Cliffs, by the well of St  Brigid, and in the
graveyard adjoining is a mausoleum containing the coffins of
the O'Brien family  Nearby is Birchfield (now in ruins), the
former seat of the O'Briens  Birchfield was originally the
home of the MacDonagh family, the last owner being Nicholas
MacDonagh, brother of Captain Anthony MacDonagh, who
distinguished himself at the battle of Fontenoy - under Lord
Clare - by defeating in single-handed combat, in presence of
the opposing armies, a British officer who had challenged
the best officer his opponents could produce  Nicholas
MacDonagh, was married to Joan, sister of Brigadier
O'Connell and widow of Edmund Hogan, of Cragmoher; their
being no issue of the marriage he left the estate to his
step-daughter - Catherine Hogan, who became, by her marriage
to a Mr  O'Brien, the mother of Henry O'Brien, of Birchfield
- father of Cornelius O'Brien, M P  for Clare, 1833-1852,
who had seven children, but all died without issue  The
above Nicholas MacDonagh is buried in the ancient church of
Kilmacreehy, near Liscannor, and the following quaint
inscription (now difficult to decipher) appears on his
tomb:- "Here rested Nick whose name no age can blot; the
ch'ef MacDonogh of old Habers lot, who while on earth
revived ye ancient fame of his own line, and yet of all ye
name; his first religion was his actions guide, and so he
lived beloved, lamented died; erected in the year of Our
Lord God, 1745  Incidently it is interesting to note that
after many changes in ownership, since 1745, Birchfield has
again reverted to the MacDonagh family - the present owner
being Mr  Anthony MacDonagh, of Ballyvislane, in the