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Newspaper: CLARE Freeman's Journal 7-May-1841 Repeal Association
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

Ennis 22nd April 1841

Dear Ray--I have just arrived here, and have enclosed 18/.,
the subscriptions of some of the honest men of Kilrush, they
have taken up the question warmly, and are determined to
support the association in their efforts to obtain for
Ireland the benefits of domestic legislation, and they hail
with delight the movement in favour of a landlord and tenant
bill. The people here are the victims of the most ruthless
tyranny, and the oppression of their hearthless landlords
has become unendurable.

The time has come when this system of extermination must be
arrested by some legislative enactment.

I also send you the names and adresses of several wardens
from different districts.

Signed---Thomas Reynolds.

Parish of Kilkee.

Rev. M. Comyn. P.P.
James kennedy.
Pat Collins,
John Halpin,
Michael O'Dea,
Michael Casey,
Martin Hickey.
Donbeg Parish.
D. Green,
Charles Kane,
T. McEnery,
George O'Neill,
John McEnery,
Anthony Breen.
Dunmore Parish.
Michael Connor.
J. McEnery.
Patrick McGrath,
John McMahon, Blackhall,
Patrick Downs,
M. Maloney.
Killard Parish.
Connor Whelan.
Pat. O'Connor.
Patrick McNamara.
James O'Neill.

Parish of Kilmacduan and Kilmichael.

Rev. T. Kelly. P.P.
Rev. C. O'Gorman.
Rev. J. Furniss.
John Kelly.
John Lillis,
John Power.
James Crowley.
Gilbert O'Dea.
John Honan.

Parish of Kilmurry and Bricken.

Rev. J.P. Barry.
Rev. Patrick O'Brien.
Rev. Gerald O'Connor.
Thomas Burke,
Francis Corry,
James Kenny,
Peter O'Dwyer.

Parish of Ennistimon and Clowney.

Rev. Mr. Sheehan.
Rev. William Hanrahan.
Thomas Flanagan.
Thomas Comyn.
Patrick Walsh.
Joseph Davaran.

Parish of Moyarta and Kilballyowen.

Rev. Malachy Duggan.
Rev. John Stack.
Daniel Lynch.
James Hennessy.
Patrick Healy.
Thomas Leddane.

Parish of Kilmealy, Ennis.

Rev Daniel Lynch, P.P.
Rev. J. McMahon, C.C.

The following to be proposed members of the Association-

Mrs Anne Brunton,
C. Hickey, Esq.
P.A. Lysaght,
Henry Kitson,
Edward Galvey,
Charles Chapple,
Michael Gregg,
C. Hickey.

Mr. Reynolds also encloses the following document--

We the undersigned Catholic Clergy of the Diocese of
Killaloe, being anxious to co-operate with our fellow
countrymen to obtain for Ireland the benefits of domestic
legislation, do hereby desire to have our names enrolled as
members of the National Repeal Asociation.

Rev. T. Quinn, P.P. Inagh, Ennis.
Rev. Thomas Stack, C.C. Kilkee.
Rev. Thomas O'Shaughnessy, Ballynakally.
Rev. Joseph Furniss, C.C. Kilrush.
Rev. Daniel Lynch, P.P. Inagh, Ennis.
Rev. James Meade, P.P. Crusheen.
Rev. Stephen Walsh. P.P. Kilnaboy, Corofin.
Rev. J. M'Mahon, C.C.. Ennis.
Rev. Thomas Crowley. C.C. Corofin.
Rev. Thomas Read. C.C. Ennis.
Rev. C. Curtin. P.P. Ennis.
Rev. John Meylan, C.C. Kildysart.
Rev. T. McNamara, O.S.F. Ennis.
Rev. Edward Cullinan, O.S.F. Ennis.
Rev. Patrick McMahon, O.S.F. Ennis.
Rev. Michael Quinlivan, C.C. Ennis.
Rev. Mortimer Hartney, C.C. Ennis.
Rev. Edmond Pallint, P.P. Knock.
Rev. Laurence Harran, C.C. Ballynakally.
Rev. Daniel S. Hogan, O.S.D. Ennis
Rev. Thomas Mahony, R.C.C. Ennis.
Rev. Edward Tamplin, C.C. Ennis.