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Saturday Herald; Decatur, Illinois; July 6, 1889

Arrival of a Professional Tramp at Castle Garden Whom the
Commissioners Can't Send Back.
New York, July 1 – Patrick Halloran, a professional tramp,
with a wheel-barrow and a couple of kettles as his sole
possessions, was one of the arrivals at Castle Garden
yesterday. He had come over from County Clare on the
Adriatic. He was dressed in rags, but he astonished the
commissions by pulling out a bag in which was $115 English
money. Halloran, who is a man of forty-six, with a shock of
red hair and a fringe of red whiskers, said he had tramped
all over Ireland with his barrow, cooking his oatmeal in one
kettle and his coffee in the other. He wanted to go to New
Guinea to work and he was surprised when he found that he
could not walk there from here. The commissioners will try
and find some work for him, as he has money enough to save
him from being shipped back.
Daily Review; Decatur, Illinois; December 18, 1894

Record of T.M. Malone, a Brother of M.J. Malone of Decatur.
M.J. Malone of the Linn & Scruggs store, has received a copy
of the Saturday Record of Ennis, County Clare, Ireland,
containing an article from an Australian paper. Of that
article the Record says: “It is a lengthy account of the
career of T.M. Malone of Milltown Malby, one of the most
famous Irish athletes of late days, and is worthy of
reproduction entire.” The T.M. Malone referred to is a
brother of M.J. Malone of Decatur. T.M. Malone, so the
article says, is now about 38 years old. In Great Britain,
at any distance from “a hundred” to “a quarter,” he, when
fit, was invincible, besides being able to clear up to 5 ft.
10 ½ in. and jump 22 ft. 7 ½ in., in addition to being a
firstclass man at putting or throwing a weight. He made his
debut in a 100 yards handicap at Ennis, winning that event.
Then he won at sprinting, jumping and putting weights, at
Newmarket-on-Fergus, Queen's college, Galway, at Queen's
college, Cork, at various places in County Clare, at Dublin
and at Birmingham, winning five and six events at a time and
the championship in sprinting at certain distances in both
Ireland and England. In 1882 Malone went to Queensland,
Australia, and at the first contest won four events, the
high jump, 5 ft 5 in., the long jump, 20 ft 3 in, 120 yds
and 200 yds. After that he won dozens of events and on some
of them got big prize money. A short time ago he strained a
tendon in one of his legs and has since then not been as
good as he was, though he still performs great feats.

Daily Review; Decatur, Illinois; June 10, 1896

Martin Malone, brother of M.J. Malone of Decatur, arrived in
this city Sunday morning to make his home here. He came from
Milltown Malby, County Clare, Ireland. He is accompanied by
Michael Moloney, a distant relative.

Daily Republican; Decatur, Illinois; April 20, 1899

	…The oldest person now living is held to be Annie
Armstrong, who is 117 years old and lives in a little town
in County Clare, Ireland.

Suburbanite Economist; Chicago, Illinois; July 11, 1924

- Mrs. Margaret Hough, 7814 Union ave., is entertaining her
nephew, Jack Keane, who arrived three weeks ago from County
Clare, Ireland.

Suburbanite Economist; Chicago, Illinois; August 1, 1924

-	Mrs. Matthew Malone, Marquette rd, has returned from a
three months' stay with her parents in Ennis, County Clare,

Suburbanite Economist; Chicago, Illinois; October 17, 1924

-	Mrs. Delia Cleary, 8027 Elizabeth st., is entertaining
her sister from County Clare, Ireland.

Decatur Review; Decatur, Illinois; November 20, 1927


Six Mile Bridge, Ireland (AP) – Death has no terrors for
Byran McMahon, of the County Clare, an octogenarian.
Although he is active and enjoying excellent health, he has
dug his own grave, erected a tombstone, and made a coffin.

Suburbanite Economist; Chicago, Illinois; August 3, 1928

- Rev. P.J. Scanlon, 6710 Racine ave., pastor of St.
Brendan's church, is sailing this week for a short visit at
his childhood home in County Clare, Ireland.