Clare - Canceled Valuation Books, c. 1870+

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File contributed by:  C. Hunt
Transcribed by Joe Quinn


**= later occupant
In fee = owned by occupant
Ho = House, Off = Office or outbuilding
(If only one name is show as changed it is assumed that the other name is the same.)
(?) not certain of name
MAP      OCCUPIERS                     IMMEDIATE LESSORS       DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY        COMMENT                                               YEAR
                                       Oc of -1
See                                    Thomas Mc MAHON                                        These 11 names are written in the "Immediate Lessors"
page 81                                Ml CONLON                                              column but it seems that they were not intended as
for lots                               Ml CURTIN                                              "Immediate Lessors".
                                       John O BRIEN                                           Note in observation column, "see page 81 for lots".
                                       Ml Mc DONAGH                                           Burdett MORONY changed to Ellen L MORONY in Fee
                                       Pat O BRIEN
                                       Ml CANNY                                               See page 81 at bottom of this article.
                                       Ml BURKE
                                       John CLANCY
                                       Andrew CLANCY
                                       Garrett LYSTON
a        Denis MURRAHY                                         House,office,land              a,b,c, joined w/parentheses.                          74,75
**       Reps                                                                                 a,b,c, all scratched out.
b        Thomas Mc MAHON               Burdett MORONY          House,office,land              Note in "Map No" column, "see page 81 for lots".      71,75
                                   **  Ellen L
c        Michael CONNELLAN                                     House,office,land                                                                    75
2        Michael Mc MAHON              same                    Herds house,office,land
3        John SULLIVAN                 same                    House & land                   House scratched out.                                  down 73
4        Michael BURKE                 same                    House & land
5        Patrick OBRIEN                same                    House & land
6        Thomas Mc MAHON (Honor)       same                    House & land
7        Daniel Mc GOWAN               same                    House & land                   Daniel Mc GOWAN scratched out                         69,71
**       Martin Mc GUANE
**       Margaret Mc GUANE
8        Mary HYNES                    same                    House,office,land              8,9,joined w/parentheses
10       Thomas Mc MAHON (Thomas)      Burdett MORONY          Herds house & land                                                                   71
                                   **  Ellen L
11       Thomas Mc MAHON (Honor)       same                    Herds house & land             Herds house scratched out                             69, house down
12A      William Mc MAHON              same                    House,office,land              12A,B,joined w/parentheses
13       Michael CANNY                 same                    House & land
14       Thomas HOULAHAN               same                    land                           Thady Hanlahan & Eliza scratched out                  71,72
**       Eliza
**       Michael CLEARY
15       Michael O BRIEN               same                    land                           Michael O BRIEN scratched out                         69..
**       Michael MESCALL
16       Thomas COLLINS                Francis Goold MORONY    House,office,land
17       Mary COLLINS                  Burdett MORONY          land                                                                                 71
                                   **  Ellen L
18A      John LINNANE                  same                    House,office,land              18A,B,joined w/parentheses
Ba       Susan MORONY                  Burdett MORONY          land                                                                                 71
                                   **  Ellen L
19       Rev Michael CUFFE             same                    land
20       Thomas KILLARY                Burdett MORONY          House & land                                                                         71
                                   **  Ellen L
21       Charles R ELLIS               Edward MORONY           land                           21,22,joined w/parentheses                            72
22       Edward MORONY                 Burdett MORONY          Herds house,office & land                                                            71
                                   **  Ellen L
23       John KELLY
**       Mary                          same                    land                                                                                 72

24       Francis Goold MORONY          same                    land

                                       PAGE 81
1a       John O BRIEN                  Ellen L MORONY          House & land                   All page 81 joined w/parentheses                      75
b        Thomas Mc MAHON                                       House,office & land            All these 11 names occupy & share lot no 1.           75
c        MichaeL CURTIN                                        Herds house & land                                                                   75
         Michael CONLAN                                        land                                                                                 75
         Michael Mc DONAGH                                     land                                                                                 75
         Garrett LYSTON                                        land                                                                                 75
         Patrick O BRIEN                                       land                                                                                 75
         Michael BURKE                                         land                                                                                 75
         Andrew CLANCY                                         land                                                                                 75
         John CLANCY                                           land                                                                                 75
         Michael CANNY                                         land                                                                                 75

[Abbreviated names spelled out to aid in searching]

Source: FHL# 818434