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1250  Henry III granted the privilege of holding a market
fair at Bunratty.

1277  The original Castle of Bunratty was built by de
Mucegros. The whole of the Thomond territory was soon
afterwards given to Sir Richard de Clare.

1305  Bunratty was besieged by the native Irish but the
Castle held out successfully.

1311  Bunratty was again besieged, this time by Richard
Burke, Earl of Ulster. A pitched battle was fought under the
walls and the invading force was defeated with great

1314  English settlers in Bunratty town were attacked and
driven out by the native Irish and the town burnt.

1318  Richard de Clare and his son Thomas were killed at the
battle of Dysert O'Dea, after which de Clare's widow Lady
Johan de Clare, set fire to the Castle and, with what
remained of her followers, set sail for England. After this
time the name of de Clare disappears from the history of

1332  The Castle, which had been retained by the English,
was taken and sacked by the Irish of Thomond (Macnamaras).

1397  The present Castle was built by the O'Brien who was
King of Thomond at that time and it continued to be his
residence and that of his descendants (the Earls of
Thomoond) until the middle of the sixteenth century.

1558  Castle captured by the Lord Deputy of Ireland.

1585  Castle returned to the Earl of Thomond and restored in
1617 by the 'Great Earl' of Thomond.

1646  Castle occupied by Cromwellian troops with the consent
of the Earl of Thomond and immediately afterwards besieged
by the Irish Catholic army and captured. After this date the
Castle ceased to be an O'Brien residence.

1649  Castle captured by Cromwell's troops.

1653  Castle used by General Ludlow as his residence.

1712  Castle and lands sold by 8th and last Earl of Thomond
to Thomas Armory.

1725  Castle and lands bough from Thomas Armory by Thomas

From "The Studderts as a Co.Clare Family."