Cavan - O'Reilly, John Edward March 7, 1848

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File contributed by: Rosalind Dunning December 20, 2017, 1:55 pm


Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: March 7, 1848
Recorded: December 20, 2017

I John Edward O'Reilly of Armagh Abbey in the County of 
Cavan and North Gate Street House Chester do make and 
publish this my last Will hereby revoking all former 
Testamentary Dispositions I give unto Thomas Babington of 
the City of Dublin Esqr and to Michael Babington of 
Brookvale Esqr as well to the Revd ........ C G of Kingstown 
Chaplain to George's Street Convent all my Property real and 
personal upon Trust to hold the lands of Armagh Kilnalack 
Corcanide Drumanybeg and Dronheely with North Killfallan and 
the Castile of Cavan Tenement as devised by father to 
Alexander Burrowes Esqr first to fulfil the trusts of my 
Marriage Settlement then for my Nephew C J Smyth Esqr A M 
and Barrister at Law for his life and after his death to his 
child or children as he shall appoint should die without 
children thence to the sole use of my Sister Margaret during 
her life and to her children as she shall appoint in default 
of such appointment by her to her children share and share 
alike as tenants in common for their lives her daughters to 
hold as femmes soles notwithstanding coverture and at the 
demise of said children of said Margaret to my right heirs 
if women as femmes soles my Trustees and their successors 
continually first paying all rents and fines on sd lands As 
to my funded property my Trustees are to hold five hundred 
pounds Ÿ per Cent Stock for the sole and absolute use of 
Issadella Cusack and to pay it only on her sole and separate 
receipt notwithstanding her marriage The remainder of said 
Stock I bequeath for the sole and separate use of the said 
Margaret Reilly her Husband or his creditors to have no 
interference therewith whatever If she do not survive me 
then for the use of her children in equal proportions their 
exors or assigns the women to hold as femmes soles I also 
bequeath to my said Trustees ......... Island as and for the 
sole and separate use of the said Margaret Reilly I charge 
my said lands and each of them with an annuity of twelve 
pounds a year for the life and for the sole use of Mrs 
Margaret Sheridan orse flood I leave to my said Trustees my 
charge on Pollyvaren for to pay Mrs Cusack the interest due 
or to a .... On it for her life and the principal at her 
death to such descendants or descendant of my father as she 
may will it to she receiving said interest as a femme sole 
in default of such appointment to my right heirs I wish to 
alter a portion of that part of my Will above relating to 
the funded property bequeathed for Margaret or her family 
Should my Wife have a child by me they are to pay C Smyth 
Esqr five hundred pounds sterling out of it should such 
child or children survive me my heirs through life tenants 
can cut sell and carry away turf bog of said lands and cut 
timber as well as the Demesnes of Armagh as in the Church 
Yard therein I leave John McCronson my gold watch and ten 
pounds To each of his Sisters thirty three pounds sterling 
and to his father twenty four pounds sterling to said John 
McCronson all my books and commend this worthy family to my 
heirs I give to my beloved Wife all our furniture horses and 
moveables at Chester as well as all her own fortune included 
in our Marriage Settlement for her sole use as a femme sole 
should she marry again I direct my furniture at Armagh shall 
be sold (with the exception of the carriage we travelled in 
from London) the pictures and engravings go which I leave to 
my Wife and the produce handed to my three Cousins Cronsons 
in equal shares (save only the best bed bedstead and bed 
clothes with all the kitchen furniture which I leave to Mary 
Sheridan orse flood aforesaid) the 100£ above left the 
Cronsons to be paid from arrears due to me I appoint C J 
Smyth Esqr aforesaid Executor of this Will and Residuary 
Legatee Edward O'Reilly
(Attestation Clause)
7 March 1848
John E O'Reilly _ Peter Magaghran _ Francis Maguire
(Personal Appearance by Francis Maguire of Armagh in the 
County of Cavan late a Servant to John Edward O'Reilly 
deceased 7 November 1848) Proved in Common Form to 
Constantine Joseph Smyth of 9 Warrington Place in the City 
of Dublin Barrister at Law 11 November 1848
Proved at London 27 November 1848
PCC Prob11/2083