Cavan - Irish Constabulary from Cavan 1846 

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File contributed by: Richard Leonard

Key s=single; m=married. E.R.= East Riding etc.	Lab = Laborer  C=Catholic P=Protestant
*Note men are often listed as single when they joined, but married later.

NO.                        DATE    CO            STATUS   OF WIFE
7205 HENDERSON, Robt 19    31-Mar   Cavan   P                     Farmer     Donegal; Antrim
7219 SMITH, And      19    27-Jan   Cavan   C                     Farmer     Limerick; Reserve; Armagh
7224 CLARKE, Jas     20    11-Sep   Cavan   C                     Labr       Armagh
7241 ADDY, Geo       19    10-Nov   Cavan   P                     Labr       Limerick; Depot; CAVAN Mar/47; 
                                                                             Fermanagh; Wicklow 1/2/52
7302 BRADY, Pat      19    9-Feb    Cavan   C                     -          Clare
7321 HINDS, George   21    11-Mar   Cavan   P                     Labr       Clare
7340 ADDY, Geo       21    16-Mar   Cavan   p                     Shoemaker  Clare
7368 GILSON, John    22    19-Mar   Cavan   P                     -          Clare
7392 DONOHOE, John   19    7-Apr    Cavan   P                     Farmer     Clare; Limerick; Cork E
7414 WARNER, Robt    19    18-Apr   Cavan   P                     -          Clare
7419 DUFFY, Terce    22    8-May    Cavan   C                     Labr       Clare
7436 STAFFORD, Wm    19    12-Sep   Cavan   P                     Labr       Clare; Limerick
7438 WRIGHT, Wm      19    9-Oct    Cavan   P                     Bleacher   Clare
7452 STORY, John     19    11-Mar   Cavan   P                     Labr       Clare; Cork E
7503 JACKSON, John   19    9-Oct    Cavan   P                     Farmer     Cork E; Depot; Cork E; Limerick
7534 JEBB, Richd F.  19    9-Feb    Cavan   P                     -          Reserve; Clare; Reserve; Cork 
                                                                             W 1/4/50; Reserve 25/11/52.
7585 HAMILTON, Fras  23    25-Sep   Cavan   P                     Labr       Reserve; Cork W
7612 REILLY, Hugh    19    14-Oct   Cavan   C                     -          Donegal
7643 FANNER, Robt    19    10-Aug   Cavan   P                     Labr       Galway E; Dublin
7652 TILSON, Thos    19    10-Apr   Cavan   P                     Farmer     Fermanagh
7659 MEE, Robert     19    11-Sep   Cavan   P                     Labr       Fermanagh
7706 SHERIDAN, Pat   20    28-Dec   Cavan   C                     -          Reserve; Galway W; Galway Town; 
                                                                             Fermanagh 1/1/60
7720 REILLY, James   19    11-Sep   Cavan   P                     Farmer     Waterford City; Depot; Kerry 
7730 ELLIS, David    19    30-Dec   Cavan   P                     -          Reserve; Kerry 1/4/47; Monaghan 
7762 RUDDEN, Michl   19    25-May   Cavan   C                     -          Kilkenny
7773 BRIODY, Wm      20    19-Aug   Cavan   C                     -          Kilkenny
7776 MAGUIRE, John   21    14-Sep   Cavan   C                     -          Reserve; Kikkenny 1/2/47
7835 BUTLER, Jas     19    24-Jun   Cavan   P                     Labr       Kings
7917 WILLIAMS,Jas    20    6-Feb    Cavan   P                     Labr       Limerick
7956 USHER, Henry    20    10-Aug   Cavan   P   28/9/53     ---   Labr       Limerick; Meath 1/10/58
7989 McGAGHRAN, Jno  20    6-Feb    Cavan   C                     Labr       Limerick; Limerick City.
8062 HALL, Thos      19    15-Apr   Carlow  C                                Reserve, Meath, Kings (Offaly), 
                                                                             Cork WR
8102 MURPHY, Jno     21    10-Oct   Carlow  C                                Depot, Meath
8164 DOYLE, Michl    21    12-Jun   Carlow  C                                Reserve, Queens / Laois
8182 DONNELL, Jno    21    2-Feb    Carlow  C                     Labr       Reserve, Roscommon 1/6/46
8293 HANNA, Jno      20    7-Dec    Carlow  P   26/4/1860   Cork  Labr	     Tipperary N, Kerry, Tipperary 
                                                                             SR 16/10/71
8305 MOONEY, Jno     20    12-Jan   Carlow  C                     Labr       Reserve, Roscommon 14/4/46, 
                                                                             Tipperary S, Cork ER.
8316 DALTON, Michl   20    4-Feb    Carlow  C                     Dealer     Reserve, Tipperary S
8344 ARMSTRONG, Robt 19    9-Oct    Carlow  P                     Labr       Tipperary S
8445 NOWLAN, John    19    16-Sep   Carlow  C                     Labr       Reserve,  Cork E, Reserve 1/2/48

Sorted: First names spelled out to aid in searching
ADDY, George       
ADDY, George       
BRADY, Patrick      
BRIODY, William      
BUTLER, James     
CLARKE, James     
DALTON, Michael   
DONNELL, John    
DONOHOE, John   
DOYLE, Michael    
DUFFY, Terence    
ELLIS, David    
FANNER, Robert    
GILSON, John    
HALL, Thomas      
HAMILTON, Frances  
HANNA, John      
HINDS, George   
JACKSON, John   
JEBB, Richard F.  
MAGUIRE, John   
MEE, Robert     
MOONEY, John     
MURPHY, John     
NOWLAN, John    
REILLY, Hugh    
REILLY, James   
RUDDEN, Michael   
SHERIDAN, Patrick   
SMITH, Andrew      
STAFFORD, William    
STORY, John     
TILSON, Thomas    
USHER, Henry    
WARNER, Robert    
WRIGHT, William      

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