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File contributed by: Anna Ryan

(Behind the Ramon Theatre, on the main street, Virginia.)

In loving memory of, Henry Smith, Cornasesk, Virginia, died, 
24th February. 1954, aged 58 years, his wife, Mary Anne, 
died, 24th February. 1954, aged 58 years, their son, Patrick 
Joseph, died, 29th June 1923, aged 3 months.

In loving memory of my dear wife, Mrs. Mary Hughes, who 
died, 7th June 1942, her husband John J. Hughes, who died, 
19th January 1997.

In loving memory of, Michael Geherty, Cornasesk, died, 23rd 
Sept. 1943, his wife, Ellen, died 18th Sept. 1950, also 
their daughter, Nellie, died 7th Jan. 1957. Erected by their 

In loving memory of, Patrick King, Virginia, died, 29th? 
Sept. 1945, his wife, Ellen, their daughter, Ellen McNamee, 
died, 5th May 1948, her husband, Matthew, died, 11th March 

In loving memory of, Michael O'Reilly, Virginia, who died, 
25th August, 1969, aged 79 years, his wife, Elizabeth, died, 
12th May 1983 aged 88 years.

In loving memory of our dear mother, Rose Kellett, Virginia, 
died, 20th May 1965, her husband, James, died, 3rd Nov. 
1976, their daughter, Nancy, died, 28th May 1990. Erected by 
her daughter.

In loving memory of, John Smith, Bridge View, Virginia, 
died, 9th April 1939, aged 68 yrs. his wife, Julia, died, 
11th October 1958, aged 53 yrs. their daughter in law, 
Marie, died, 30th Nov.  1977 aged 38 yrs.

In loving memory of, Owen Sheridan, died, Sept. 1918, his 
wife, Elizabeth, died 7th Oct. 1953, their sons,  Patrick, 
died,1 Feb. 1957, Thomas, died,  23rd Apr. 1968, their grand 
daughter, Maureen, died, 31st Mar. 1968, age 12 yrs. also 
their son, Owen, died, June 1999 aged 74 yrs.

In loving memory of, Henry Murray, died, 20th Nov. 1938, his 
wife, Mary, died, 21st Jan. 1950, their son, Francis, died, 
27th Feb. 1952, late of Virginia, son in law, John McConn, 
died, 31st July, 1973, his wife, Elizabeth, died, 10th 
April, 1982. Erected by their family.

In loving memory of, George Kellett, Mullachmore, died, 2nd 
June 1934, his wife, Rose, died, 5th Oct. 1948, and their 
son, Michael, died, 18th Oct. 1975, Charles Kellett, of 
Ramardrum, died, 19th June 1964, his wife, Mary, died 24th 
Dec.  1937, also their sons, infant, Charles, died, 1915, 
and James, died, 16th Dec. 1950.

In loving memory of, Owen Kellett, Virginia, died, 21st Jan. 
1982 aged 89 years, his wife, Annie M. died, 6th Nov. 1946 
aged 52, their son, Patrick Joseph, died, 26th Nov. 1945 
aged 31?.

In loving memory of, Cornelius Fitzsimons, Aughacashel, 
Virginia, died, 16th Jan. 1917, Ann Fitzsimons, died, 13th 
Nov. 1927, Ellen Fitzsimons,  died, 29th Dec. 1946, Patrick 
Fitzsimons, died, 3rd Sept. 1958, Aidan, Fitzsimons, died, 
14th June 1963.

In loving memory of, Philip M.Fitzsimons, Aughnacashel, 
died, 5th Oct. 1969, aged 17.

Erected by, Peter Kermath, Virginia, in loving memory of his 
wife, Mollie, died at Virginia, 20th Aug. 1921, Peter 
Kermath, Aughnadrung, born,  1914, died, 1967, his wife, 
Kathleen Kermath, born, 1915, died, 1992.

In loving memory of, Philip and Mary Brady, Liscarry, 
Virginia, their son, John,  their niece, Anne, Aughacaskel, 
their nephews, Leo and Philip.

In loving memory of, Thomas McCabe, Coppenagh, died, 23rd 
March 1923 aged 77 yrs. his wife, Bridget, died, 11th August 
1941 aged 82 yrs. and their children, John, died, 14th Sept. 
 1917 aged 23 yrs. Maria, died, 12th July. 1944 aged 54 yrs. 
their son in law, Thomas Fitzsimons, died, 24th May 1962 
aged 62 yrs.  his wife, Bridget, died, 14th Feb. 1969 aged 
75 yrs.

In loving memory of, my beloved husband, John Clancy, 
Bureen, who died, 31st May 1909 aged 62 years, my son, 
Michael, who died, 19th March 1920 aged 21 years, Anne 
Clancy, died, 24th Oct.  1939, Thomas Clancy, died, 23rd 
August 1925, Margaret Sullivan, died, 16th March, 1961, Owen 
Clancy, died, 11th Nov. 1981. Erected by, Ann Clancy. son of 
the above, Thomas, Patrick died, 1948 (Violinist)) died in 
London, James Clancy, died, 16th April 1993.

In loving memory of, David Soden died, 3rd March 1946, aged 
85 years, and his beloved wife, Catherine died, 14th October 
1947 aged 70 years, also their loving  daughter, Agnes, 
died, 2nd February 1958 aged 42 years, Catherine O'Rourke 
died, 14th Aug. 1965? and son, David,  died, 12th Dec. 1975, 
Annie Stephens,  died,  24th April 1925, 86 yrs. also their 
son, Austin Soden, died, 16th February 1989 aged 69? and his 
wife, Marcella, died, 9th Feb. 1997, aged 69 yrs. Erected 
by, their loving son, David.

In loving memory of, The Curran Family, Phil Curran, Felix 
Curran, Theresa Curran, Ellen Curran, Margaret Curran.

In loving memory of, Henry Fitzsimons, Virginia, who died, 
Dec. 14th 1916, aged 75 yrs. also his wife, Rose, died, 29th 
Sept. 1919 aged 79 years, also their daughter, Kate 
Fitzsimons, died, 20th March1931 aged 61 years, their son 
Harry, 17th Jan. 1947, aged 72 years, their daughter, Helen 
Fitzsimons, died 2nd July aged 70 years, Patrick J. 
Fitzsimons., died, 19th Jan. 1962.

In loving memory of, Henry O'Connell, Lislea, died, 18th 
Dec. 1910 aged 74 years, also his wife, Elizabeth O'Connell, 
who died, 13th Feb. 1907? aged 55 years, and their son, 
Daniel O'Connell, who died, March 1946?  Aged 39 years.

In loving memory of, Anne Brady, Drumders? Died, 10th Feb. 
1916 aged 70 yrs. Daniel Brady, died 21st Aug. 1916, aged 87 
years. Erected by their loving children. Thomas Brady, died, 
9th Sept. 1937.

In loving memory of, Michael Smith, Granadillon, died, 15th 
April 1961, also his mother, Annie, died, April 1918, and 
his father,  Peter, died,13th March 1947, also his wife, 
Teresa, died, 24th Sept.  1983. Erected by his wife, Teresa, 
and son Peter.

In loving memory of, Mollie Cullen, (Cannot read townland), 
died, 13th Aug. 1963, her husband, James, died, 1st Oct. 
1982, also her sister, Susan Leonard, Dublin, died, 1st June 

In loving memory of, James O'Brien, Dunancory, who died, 
18th March 1932, and his wife, May, who died,  21st March 
1956, and their sons, Patrick, who died,  5th May 1992, 
Alfie, died, 1st Feb. 1995.

Erected by the priests and the people of the Parish, in 
loving memory of, Rev. Patrick, Reehill, P.P. died, 20th 
Feb. 1904 in the 40th year of his age, and the 13th year of 
his sacred ministry, which he spent in Virginia.

In Loving memory of, Bridget Farrelly, Virginia, died, 7th 
Oct. 1941 aged 52 years, and her husband, Thomas, died, 21st 
Dec. 1975.

Erected to the memory of, Mrs Bridget Callaghan, Virginia 
died, 27th Oct. 1923 aged 65 yrs. and her husband, James, 
died, 4th Jan. 1938, aged 62 yrs. Erected by, Peter Lynch, 
New York City, In loving memory of my dear mother, Anne 
Lynch, Carrigabruise, who died, 15th April 1910, aged ,72 
years, and my dear father, Philip,  who died, August 19th 
1916 aged 84 years and their son, Bernard, died, 5th Aug. 
1932 aged 58 years, and his wife, Bridget, died, 14th Jan.  
1959 aged 68 yrs.

Erected by Mary O'Reilly, Virginia, in memory of her dear 
husband, John O'Reilly,  who died,  16th March 1920, the 
above Mary O'Reilly, died, 10th April 1929, and in loving 
memory of, Bernard Matthews, died, 4th Feb 1959, his wife,  
Margaret Jane, died, 12th May 1975, their son, Vincent, 
died, 8th Feb. 1979.

Erected by, James Matthews,  in loving memory of his wife, 
Nellie, who died, 5th July 1920, also his child,  Kitty, who 
died, June 1920, James Matthews, died, 1st June, 1952, 
Bridget, died, 29th May 1978.

Of your charity, pray for the soul of. Mrs. Anne Carroll, 
aged 54, wife of Terence Carroll, Virginia, and his beloved 
son, John M.D. aged 33, both of whom departed this life on 
20th December 1866, respectively 54 and 13 years.

In loving memory of, Margaret Gargan, Virginia, who died,  
29th May 1938, her husband, Patrick,  who died, 19th Jan 
1955, their son, Peter Paul, who died,  18th July 1966, and 
his wife, Mary Ellen, who died, 5th May 1989.

Erected by, Rt. Rev. Monsignor, P.J.  Fisher, P.P. V.F., 
Holy Cross Church, Santa Cruz, Calf. U.S.A.  In loving 
memory of his father, James, died, 21st Nov.  1880, aged, 60 
years, and mother, Catherine, died, 24th Feby.  1901, aged 
76 years, also his brother, Peter, died, 31st Oct.  1872 
aged 20 years, and his brother, Thomas, died, 7th January 
1943, aged, 91 years.

In loving memory of, John Reynolds, died, 29th June 1912, 
aged 76 yrs. his wife, Elizabeth, died, 14th Feb.  1918,  
aged 74 yrs. their sons,  Thomas, died, 24th June 1940, 
Peter , died,  2nd August 1933,  their daughter, Mary,  
died, 21st May 1959, also their daughter, Elizabeth Kellett, 
 died, 19th Oct. 1944,  and her husband, David, died, 17th 
April 1945,. Erected by, Rose Doyle, Burreen.

In loving memory of, John O'Reilly, Murmod,  died 13th Dec. 
1951,  his wife, Kate O'Reilly,  died, 19th April 1945,  
their daughter,  Molly O'Reilly,  died,  3rd May 1921, their 
daughter,  Kathleen, died,  29th Dec.  1980, their son, 
Patrick, died, 19th February 1994, aged 87 years, and his 
wife, Maureen, died, 22nd Oct.  1999 aged 81 years.

Erected by, his loving wife, Elizabeth, in memory of her 
dear husband, John Healy, Virginia, who died, 31st Aug.  
1921,  aged 59 years,  in memory of Elizabeth, widow of John 
Healy,  who died,  5th May 1937,  her son in law,  Edward 
Joseph Duffy, who died, 9th Jan.  1935, her daughter, 
Phyllis Duffy, who died, 6th Jan.  1966.

Jesus have mercy on the souls of our beloved son, Andrew 
Quinn, Virginia,  his grand parents,  James Quinn,  died, 
28th July 1932,  and Margaret Quinn,  died, ,26th July 1945, 
his uncles,  Michael O'Reilly,  died 5th March 1942,  and 
his aunt Margaret Quinn, died, 11th Dec.  1970, Mary Quinn, 
died, 6th March 1977, Mae Quinn, died 15th Oct.  2000.

In loving memory of, Hugh O'Reilly, Cornaslieve, who died, 
April 1922, his wife, Margaret, died July 1930, their sons, 
Peter, died, June, 1945, Bernard, died, Jan.  1963, their 
daughter, Bridget, died, May 1980, and their son, Philip, 
died Aug. 1983, their son in law, Thomas Corrigan, died, 
Oct.  1950 and his wife, Mary Anne, died, June 1972, their 
son, Hugh, died, 27th July 1988.