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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & C. Hughes

       [From the late Rev. B. H. Blacker's notes

'On the south wall of the south transept., east side' :--- 
Sacred to the memory | of Colonel Thomas NESBITT| the eldest 
son of Cosby NESBITT, of Lismore | and of Ann ENERY, of 
Bawnboy | who departed this life December 1820 | Also | to 
Louisa his wife the daughter | of Colonel Degennes of Dinant 
| in the Province of Brittany in France | who died in 1802 | 
Also to the Revd  Albert  NESBITT | who died January 30th 
1822. | Also to William NESBITT | the son of Thomas and 
ouisa | who departed this life January 1821. | deeply nd 
universally lamented | He devoted his time and ortune to 
relieve the distressed, and was admirable like | for his 
piety to God, and benevolence to men.

'On the south wall of the south transept, west side':- 
Sacred to the memory of | Cosby NESBITT of Lismore Esqr | 
born 20th November 1769 | died 19th July 1837 | "Blessed are 
the dead which died in the Lore." | When the ear heard him, 
then it blessed him | and when the eye saw him it gave 
witness to him | He delivered the poor that cried, and the 
Fatherless | And he caused the widows heart to sing for joy 
| He was mild and gentle without weakness | clear in 
judgment without severity | lovely in mind, firm in 
integrity | pure in heart. This stone [indicates?] feebly 
[indeed?] the singular virtues | that adorned | this humble 

'The following inscription is on the chord of the Tympanum, 
great western door'"-

'On the west wall of the south transept':-
Sacred | to the memory of Mary MOORE | the daughter
of Cosby Nesbitt of Lismore | and widow of | William
MOORE of Tullyvin | who died | the 27th of March
1833. | To record the many virtues | of her excellent
heart | and to express his | sincere attachment to
her | this marble has been inscribed | by her
affectionate nephew | Cosby NESBITT.

'On the north chancel wall':-
Sacred to the | memory of the Reverend William
MAGENIS | twenty-three years Dean of Kilmore | who
departed this life | on the 22nd day of January 1825 |
in the 54th year of his age | sincerely and universally

'On the south chancel wall':-
            [Profile medallion.]
To the memory of Mary, the beloved wife of the Venerable | 
Marcus G. BERESFORD Archdeacon of Ardagh subsequently Bishop 
of Kilmore, &c and daughter of Colonel H. P. L'ESTRANGE | of 
Moystown, Kings County, who died at Rome Dec 31 1845 | She 
is gone to the mountain of Myrrh and hill of frank- incense 
till the day break and the shadows flee away. [Song of 
Solomon, iv. 6.]

[See Whiteside's "Italy in the Nineteenth Century," Vol. 
III, cap. 22.]

'Inscription on the bell':-
  Elizabeth BERESFORD gave me to this Church 1860.-
                                   [Cast by Meares.]

'The windows':-
The east window--The gift of Bishop Verschoyle,
                            [By Wailes of Newcastle.]

'Legend in the upper glass':-
    "And without the Parable spake he not unto them"

'Then come the Parables of the Ten Virgins, Good Samaritan, 
Prodigal Son.'

'The east window of the south transept has three 
coats-of-arms [Nesbitt's?]'

'Window  in the south wall of the south transept-on a brass
In memory of Cosby Thomas NESBITT of Lismore, eldest
son of John and Elizabeth NESBITT | who died at Algiers
April XXX. MDCCCLVI, aged XLI.

'Two figures-Your sowing, and old man bearing a sheaf.'

'Legend in glass-He that goeth forth, and weepeth bearing 
precious seed, shall | doubtless come again with rejoicing 
bringing his sheaves with him.'
'On a window in the south wall of the south aisle':-
Sacred to the memory of Cosby YOUNG. Esq | and
Mabella his wife of Labard in this county
Early English works of mercey.  [Clayton & Bell.]

'On a window in the same wall, on a brass plate':-
In memory of | the Reverend Thomas BOUCHIER | Curate
of Kilmore obiit April XX. MDCCCLXVI.

'Legend-"I am the resurrection and the life."

'This window cost £50, and with extras, £60 13s.  [1867.]

'The organ occupies the east end of the north transept. It 
was built by Brindley of Sheffield, and presented to the 
Cathedral by the Lord Primate [Beresford]. 'For Bishop 
Bedell's tomb see Mant's "History of the Church of Ireland," 
&c., and "The Life of Bedell," &c.'

'The vestry door is an ancient Irish doorway, taken from the 
ruins of Trinity Abbey, on an island in Lough Oughter, 
thence removed to the old church of Kilmore, and thence to 
its present site."

'Built in 1858-1860. There are two burial-grounds. Bishops
John and Charles LESLIE are buried in the new one.'

'The old church formed part of the old palace. It is now used
for a Sunday school.'

'The Patron Saint of Kilmore was a St. Felimy, who was
venerated on the 3rd of August.