WILLS: Usher, Christopher January 8, 1767

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: January 8, 1767
Recorded: February 15, 1019

In the Name of God Amen I Christr Usher of Kilcarry in the
County of Carlow late a Lieut of his Majestys Ship the
Prince Do make this my last Will and Testament hereby
revoking and making void all other former Wills by me at
any time heretofore made that is to say I bequeath unto my
dearly beloved Wife Margt Usher otherwise Bailie after
payment of all my just Debts and funeral Expences the
Interest of four hundred Pounds Sterling during her natl
Life I also leave and bequeath all the Rest Residue and
Remainder of my Fortune of what kind or nature soever unto
my Daughters Elizabeth Jane and Sarah Usher to be equally
Share and Share alike divided between them respectively as
they and each of them shall attain the age of twenty one
Years And in case any of my said Children shall happen to
dye before she shall attain the said age of twenty one Years
then my Will is that the share of the person so dying shall
go to and be divided equally between the survivors of them
and in case that two of my said Children shall happen to dye
before they shall attain the age above mentioned in such
Case my Will is that the survivor of my said Children be
intitled to and do receive the whole of my said Fortune but
with this proviso that in such case my said Wife Margt Usher
shall have and receive the Interest of seven hundred pounds
instead of four hundred pounds above mentioned during her
natural Life and after her decease the said Principal Sum of
seven hundred pounds to go to such surviving Child and my
Will is that in Case I shall dye without Issue my said Wife
Margt shall be intitled to and receive the Interest and
intire Produce of my whole Fortune during her natural Life
and after her death I leave unto my dear Brother William
Usher Esqr Doctor in Physick my whole Fortune to hold to him
his Heirs and Assigns for ever And I do hereby order and
direct that my Household furniture together with my Interest
in the Lands at Kilcarry be disposed of to the best
Advantage and that the Money arising from the Sale thereof
be laid out at Interest and the Interest thereof and of my
whole Fortune to be paid over to my said Wife Margt for
the support and Education of my said Children during their
Minority and I do hereby appoint my said Wife Guardian of my
said Children and sole Executrix and residuary Legatee of
this my last Will In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and seal the eighth day of January in the year of our
Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven Christr
(Attestation Clause)
James Ferrall _ Sarah Bailie _ Ann Singleton
25 February 1775 Administration with Will annexed to William
Douglas attorney of Margaret Ussher Widow
PCC Prob11/1005