WILLS: Razoux, James April 5, 1731

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: April 5, 1731
Recorded: March 29, 2018

In the Name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost Be it done Amen
Know all men who it may Concern and shall see these Presents
That I James Razoux living at Carlon in the County of
Catherlagh being weak in Body But by the Grace of God of
sound mind have thought proper to dispose of the Estate
which Providence has given me in manner following First I
name constitute and Appoint upon the Conditions hereunder
mentioned Susanna Michel Widow of my late Cousin and good
friend James Michel my universal Heiress upon the Conditions
which I have here above made that she shall give to each of
her Daughters Viz to Jane Michel Fifty pounds Sterling to
Susanna Michel Fifty pounds Sterling  And this shall be paid
to them by my Heiress When they shall marry or when they
shall have attained the Age of twenty two years without any
Delay Item I give Francis Michel Vizt. Margaret Michel and
her Young Son James Mitchell twenty pounds sterling which
shall be paid them when the Daughter shall marry or when she
shall be of Age And to the Son when he shall be fit to be
put out to Apprenticeship Item I give to Sarah Bryn for the
good Services which she has done me twenty Pounds Sterling
which shall be paid her at least a year after my Decease
Item I give to the French Church of Carlon for the use of
the French Poor Protestants Six Pounds Sterling which shall
be paid into the hands of the Ministers and Elders of the
said Church at least a Year after my Decease for to Pay the
Legacyes which I have here above made I declare that I have
in the funds of England whereof Captain Timothy Lafitte is
the Trustee two hundred pounds sterling Item I have left him
out of the Produce of my half pay Forty four pounds Sterling
Six Shillings as it is seen by the Accounts thereof which he
has sent me Item I have what is due to me of my half pay
from the 24th June 1730 ~ When it shall please God to take
me out of this World I desire to be buryed in as plain a
manner as possible And in Order that my Will may be Executed
in all these things punctually I name Constitute and Appoint
Abraham Barbeand of Dublin to whom I give to Indemnify him
of the trouble which he will take I say that I give him two
pounds Sterling My Will is also that if there shall happen
any Loss upon what I leave that that loss shall not fall
upon my heiress nor upon my Executor But that Loss shall be
Sustained by each of them according to what I give them I
declare that this is my last Will and Testament _ Done at
Carlon the Fifth April One thousand Seven hundred and thirty
One _ Signed and Sealed by me _ Ja: Razoux
In Presence of us the Underwritten Witnesses _ P: De
Villette Ach Lacolombine Substantialiter Translatum est
Londini 15: die mensis May Anno Domini 1731
Proved at London 12 July 1731 to Abraham Barbault alias
PCC Prob11/645