WILLS: Nolan, James July 29, 1840

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: July 29, 1840
Recorded: December 6, 2017

In the Name of God I James Nolan C C Bagualstown being sound
in mind and body make this my last Will and Testament
Whereas I have been made trustee by Martin Nolan Esqr lately
deceased in the sum of ?5000 3 per Cent Consols at that time
value for about 23 pound sterling per Cent to be divided
share and share alike between myself son brothers and a
sister amounting to a sum of about 520 pound sterlg each And
whereas I have paid Martha Nolan and Martin Nolan the above
sums and received their release for the same & have paid
Laurence Nolan 400 pound Nicholas Nolan 328 pound Matt Nolan
about 180 Ellen Nolan about 325 and Patk Nolan also 150
pound according to the items Noted in my Acct book which
I have marked ledger and whereas I have now in my possession
the lands of Coppina Kilgreary and the Mill and Lands of
Ballyellin I have also a claim for a dividend of the funds
of the late firm Eughs Ellin & Co I direct by this Will that
these properties shall be sold or otherwise disposed of to
pay the deficiency still due to the above named legatees and
if the funds should not be adequate to pay a proportionate
share according to the funds that can be made out of the
above properties to pay also to a Taylor named La Mitte
London to whom Martha Nolan owed about thirty pounds or his
proportion in case of a failure of funds also a show maker
in London who has also a claim of about six pounds on said
Martha Nolan or his proportion also to the heirs of
executors of the late Rt Reverend Edward Nolan C Bishop of
Kildare and Leighlin the proportion of what may be due to
him he being left joint residuary legatee with me out of
which I paid him four hundred pounds also to Patrick Nolan
Esqr M.D. 7 Hume Street Dublin about 23 pound which he
claims to be due to him by Martha Nolan I discharged all the
other legacies left by said Martha Nolan should the funds
exceed the claims above mentioned I leave to my Mother Mrs
Ellen Nolan of Kilgrearly 200 pound to be paid before
all other legacies fifty pounds each to my brothers and
sisters and the remainder to be disposed of for the Clothing
etc, of the Poor of the Parishes of Ballentenilin
Bagnalstown and Newtown giving first fifty pounds
towards erecting an Altar at Newtown this is my last Will
and Testament And I hereby appoint Very Revd Dennis Lawler P
P Bagnalstown and Rev Andrew Phelan  Administrator as my
joint Executors to carry the above disposition of my
Property into effect after paying my Personal debts Kirwan
of Heath holds an acknowledgement of about nine pounds
lodged in my hands for safe keeping and the profits of Peter
Hughes farm stock etc. after deducting disbursements
according to my acct to be paid to his Son or otherwise
regulated and to his Will I leave my Book case & Secretary
to my brother Mathew my dressing table etc. to my brother
Patt my bed and bedding to my Sister Ellen my books to be
divided between the above Mattw Patt & Ellen my Clothes to
be given to the Poor but sd furniture to be sold to pay
my debts if other funds fail James Nolan C. C. _
Witnesses Paul Kehoe _  James Byrne
29th July 1840 Administration with Will annexed of Goods
etc. of Reverend James Nolan late of Bagnalstown in the
County of Carlow in Ireland Bachelor deceased to Mathew
Nolan Brother Ellen Nolan otherwise Nowlan the Widow
having renounced Letters of Administration Reverend Dennis
Lawler and Reverend Andrew Phelan having renounced
PCC Prob11/1931