CENSUB: Oaths of Allegiance 1775

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Contributed by Mary Heaphy


  Taken and acknowledged before John Rochfort and Ralph
  Gore, esqrs. Justices of the Peace for the County of

  James Keeffe, Titular Bishop of Leighlin and Kildare, Tullow.
  Paul Cullen, PP of Old Leighlin, Leighlin Bridge.
  Laurence Cloney, PP of Poorstown and Graigenemanagh, Graigenemanagh.
  Philip Brophy, PP of Dunleckney, Dunleckney
  James Dempsey, PP of St. Mollins, St. Mollins.
  Edmund Doyle, PP of Kilkennel, Lifelikin.
  Henry Stauton, PP Graigenemanagh, Graigenemanagh.
  William Tummin, PP of Kiltonnen, Liselikin.
  William Dowley, PP of Dunleckney, Dunleckney.
  Francis Hughes, a Carmelite, Leighlin Bridge.
  Thomas Kavanagh, Esq. Borris.
  Walter Blackney, Esq. Ballycormack.
  James Blackney, Esq. Ballycormack.
  Patrick Kelly, Gent, Knockeen.
  Richard Strange, Gent, Ulard.
  Patrick Reilly, Gent. Borris.
  John Bray, Gent, Heath.
  Daniel Kavanagh, Gent, Cooleken.
  Matthew Clony, Gent, Harristown.
  James Crow, Gent, Borris.
  Peter Byrne, Gent, Knockerwan.
  Charles Dempsey, Gent, St. Mollins
  Daniel Kevenagh, Gent, Ballybeg.
  Bryan Kevenagh, Gent, Rocksavage.
  John Roche, Gent, Furragh.
  John Kevenagh, Gent, Rochsavage.
  James Murphy, Gent, Clogrennan.
  William Tummin, Gent, Cloghna.
  William Brett, Gent, Ballygown.
  Edward Nowlan, Gent. Ballynebranagh.
  Samuel Fitzgerald, Apothecary, Carlow.
  Daniel Currin, Gent. Rahendoran.
  Thomas Brett, gent. Craien.
  Bryan Fitzpatrick, Gent. Rahendoran.

  Given under my hand this 19th day of Dec. 1775.

  Taken before John Rochfort, Esq. Justice of the Peace of
  the County of Carlow, this 18th Dec. 1775.

  Nicholas Gernon, PP of Carlow and Killesshion. Town of   Carlow.
  Thomas Browne, PP or Coadjutor of Carlow, and Killesshion.
  John O'Neill, PP of Staplestown.
  Patrick Kean, PP of Painstown.
  William Cullin, PP or Coadjutor of Old Leighlin, Leighlin   Bridge.
  Patrick Mallowney, Carpenter, Town of Carlow.
  Laurence Evers, Plasterer, Carlow Town.
  Robert Evers, Slator, Carlow Town.
  Matthew Cooke, Gent. Carlow Town
  Thomas M'Evoy, Gent. Carlow Town.
  Patrick Pollen, Gent. Carlow Town
  John O'Neill, Gent, Johnstown.
  William Cahill, Gent, Carlow.
  William Keegan, Gent, Burton-Hall.
  Edward Rogers, Gent, Carlow.
  Timothy Gorman, Gent, Busherstown.
  John Hanlon, Gent, Leigh.
  Pat. Gorman, Gent, Busherstown.
  Farby Gorman, Gent, Busherstown.
  Andrew Kean, Gent, Town of Carlow.
  James Dullahunty, Gent. Town of Carlow
  John Murphy, Carpenter, Town of Carlow
  Owen O'Neill, Gent, Town of Carlow
  Robert Farrell, Gent, Town of Carlow
  James Murphy, Gent Leighlin-Bridge.
  William Connell, Physician, Carlow.
  Edward Fitzgerald, Man Midwife.

  Given under my hand this 19th day of Dec. 1775.

  Thomas Gurley, one of the Justices of the Peace for said
  County, do certify that the following persons took the
  Oath of Allegiance this 23rd Dec. 1775.

  Thomas Gurley.
  Redmond Dowling, Town of Carlow, Merchant.
  James Currin, Town of Carlow, Shopkeeper.
  James Fitzgerald, Town of Carlow, Sadler.
  Darby Brown, Heath, Co. Carlow. Farmer.
  John Watters, Town of Carlow, Innkeeper.
  Edward Lyons, Town of Carlow, Ale Draper.
  Edmond Byrne, Ballybrack, Co. Carlow. Farmer.
  William Byrne, Town of Carlow, Innkeeper.
  Murtagh Coffy, Town of Carlow, Shopkeeper.
  James Burbridge, Town of Carlow, Shopkeeper.
  Daniel Hughes. Town of Carlow, Ale-draper.
  William McDonnell, Town of Carlow, Cabinet Maker.
  Edward Maher, Town of Carlow, Shopkeeper.
  Henry Rogers, Town of Carlow, Stay-Maker.
  Edward Darby, Ballybannon, Farmer.
  Francis Bogard. Town of Carlow, Shopkeeper.
  Francis Gorman, Town of Carlow, Miller.
  John Dunn, Town of Carlow, Brewer.
  Thomas Kehoe, Ballywilliamroe, Co. Carlow. Farmer.
  James Kehoe, Orchard, Co. Carlow. Farmer.
  Peter Byrne, Spaw-Hill, Co, Carlow, Farmer.
  John Kehoe, Ballymesilloge?, Co. Carlow. Farmer.
  James Murphy, Ballywilliamroe, Co. Carlow. Farmer.
  Francis Byrne, Town of Carlow, Bleacher.

    The following Popish Inhabitants of the County of Carlow
  came before me, one of his Majesty's Justices of the
  Peace, and took the Oath of Allegiance.

  Wm Bunbury.
  Daniel Murphy, PP. Rathvilly.
  John Blanchfield, PP, St. John's.
  Nicholas Nowlan, Popish Curate, Rathvilly.
  Colclough Byrne, Drumguin, Gent.
  Henry Byrne, Rathdowel, Farmer.
  Patrick Delany, Rathvilly, Farmer.
  Marks Deering, Meteland, Farmer.