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Contributed by Christina Hunt

[Kindly contributed by Colonel P D Vigors.]

Extracts from the Parish Registers.

(Continued from Vol. IV, page 369.)


Sept 12	William, son of Frank Hudson and Hannah Bernard,
of Dunleckney Parish.

Nov 2	Joseph, son of Joshua and Catherine Wright, Parish


Jan 9	William, son of Thomas and Hannah Barber, servants,
Ravindon, Leighlin Bridge.

Jan 30	Margaret Macartney, dau. of Paul & Anne Sophia
Bushe, Esq., of Tipperary, gentleman.

Carlow	Page 14

Mar 8	George, son of Samuel and Margaret Kelly, of the
Police, Dunleckney Parish, Leighlin Bridge, by the Revd Dean

Apr 5	Henry John, son of William & Anne Young, of the
Police, Leighlin Bridge, Dunleckney Parish.

July 12	Henrietta, Henry, Isabella Agar, Baltinglass Parish,
merchant, (by the) Dean of Leighlin, Rector of Wells.

Sept 20	William Ernest, son of Clement & Ruth Winnett,
naval pensioner, Ballyknockeen, Wells Parish.

Oct 1	Born April 5, Josephine, dau. of Thomas & Sarah
Watson, Nurney Parish, gentleman.

Nov 8	William, son of Peter & Elizabeth Watts, of
Dunleckney Parish, Leighlin Bridge.

Dec 13	Born June 15, Eliza, dau. of Jacob and Hannah
Tyndall, Ballyknockan, Wells Parish, schoolmaster & Clerk.


Jan 17	William, son of William & Mary Townsend,
herdsman, Leighlin Bridge.

Mar 27	John, son of James & Eliza Elphinstone, of the

Apr 14	James, son of James & Harriet Fitzmaurice, Esq,
Inch House, Dunleckney Parish, by the Dean of Leighlin (alll

Apr 17	Susanna, dau. of Andrew & Ruth Meyers, Police.

Jun 5	Moses, ____ Green, a foundling.

Jun 26	Robert, son of Edward & Mary Styles, baker (?)



Jan 8	Thomas, son of Samuel & Margaret Kelly, steward
at Burgage, Wells Parish.

Mar 23	Elizabeth, dau. of Henry & Isabella Eagan,
merchant, late of Baltinglass.

Apr 2	Caleb, son of Caleb & Dorothea Tyndall, farmer.

Apr 23	Jonathan, son of Jonathan & Harriet Wingostryde
Dixon, Excise Officer, Leighlin Bridge, Dunleckney Parish.

Apr 30	Bernard Honorius, son of John & Helen McGee,
merchant, Ballyknockan.

May 14	William, Son of Jacob & Hannah Tyndall,
Ballknockan, schoolmaster & clerk.

Aug 13	Robert, son of Clement & Ruth Winnett, naval
pensioner, by the Revd. Saml. T. Roberts.

[All the above are signed by Dean Bernard.]



Jan 14	Sarah, dau. of William & Jane Tyndall,
Dunleckney Parish, Leighlin Bridge, carpenter.  (R.B.

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Aug 12	Marianne, dau. of William & Catherine Crawford,
Dunleckney Parish, Leighlin Bridge.  (By) W. Stone.

Aug 26	James, son of Jenry & Mary Jde, Royal Sapper,
(By) W. Stone.

Aug 26	Jacob, son of James & Sarah Carpenter, Kilgreaney,
or Ballinree (?)   W. Stone.

Nov 11	Horace Nelson, son of John & Helen McGee,
merchant.  (By)  R.B. Bernard.

Vol 5 of Journal of Memorials of the Dead in Ireland.