Cemetery: Urglin Parish - Benjamin Coleman

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Contributed by Michelle Thompson


'Inscription on a tombstone in Urglin or Rutland Churchyard,
near Carlow':-

"Underneath are deposited the Bones of Benjamin Coleman,
formerly of  Gurteen in this County, which were discovered
in a stone quarry near Carlow, on the 14th of August, 1832,
nearly 32 years after his mysterious disappearance. He was a
Dutiful Son, an affectionate Brother, a loving Husband, a
kind Father, a steady friend, and a good subject.  This Tomb
was Erected as a tribute to his memory by his only Son
Benjamin, of the City of Dublin."

'The following is a short account of the deceased.  He was
uncle to mylate father, and was a yeoman at the time of the
Irish Rebellion in theyear 1798.  He, with others, occupied
a temporary barrack in Dublin-street, Carlow, called the
Bear Inn, portion of which is now occupied byMrs. Morton.
He had some occasion to leave his barrack, about mid-night,
and was never seen alive afterwards.  His remains were
discoveredby the edge of a place called the Quarry Hole,
near St. Anne's Church, onthe Athy road.  Some of the cloth
of his uniform was quite fresh, red andblue;  also his
epaulettes and buttons, some of which I had in my posses-
sion until a short time ago.  There was a inquest on his
remains; therewas a hole in his skull at the back part of
the head, and the doctor andjury came to the conclusion that
it was made by a small sledge or largehand hammer, and
caused his death.