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Contributed by C. Hunt & M.J. Bradley

[From Sir Edmond T. BEWLWY, 1904]

Pg. 212

At the express wish of the contributor of the following
inscriptions, an exception is made in inserting those of a
date after the year 1850, because the old church and the
enclosure containing the NEWTON tombs are kept locked, and
are thus inaccessible to the general public. – [EDITOR]

In the old church of Dunleckney there are the following

Pg. 213

..tablets in addition to those described in vol. iii, pp.
376, 378, 379, 380.

On the south wall:-
In memory of | Henry NEWTON | of Mount Leinster | Died Oct.
30th 1868, aged 63 |And of Elizabeth Jane | his wife | who
died Dec. 22nd 1849, aged 36.
			 	I H S

In memory of | Henry NEWTON | of Bagenalstown House | Died
Oct. 21st 1859, aged 64

Henry NEWTON was the fifth son, and John NEWTON the fourth
son of Philip NEWTON,Esq., of Dunleckney Manor, Co. Carlow,
by his wife Sarah BAGENAL.  Memorial tablets to Walter
Nugent, the eldest son, and Beauchamp Bartholomew NEWTON,
the third son, are described in Vol. III, p. 376.  A tablet
to Philip BAGENALl, the second son (who assumed, by Royal
license, the surname of BAGENAL), in Staplestown Church is
described in Vol. IV, p. 183.

	In loving memory of | Philip Charles NEWTON | of
	Mount Leinstar,Co Carlow. | only son of the late
	Henry NEWTON | aged 64 | "Thy will be done" |Died
	23d Feb 1902The last-mentioned tablet is of white
	marble, and the others of slate.  On the east wall
	there is a state tablet with this inscription:-To
	the memory of the | Revd C W DOYNE | Rector of
	Fenagh, Co. Carlow | Died March 1856, Aged 69 yrs. |
	Also of Charlotte Jane | his widow, daughter of
	|Thomas STANNUS | of Portarlington | Died Jany 1865,
	aged 70 yrs | And of their daughter | Caroline, who
	died | Augt 1870, aged 49 yrs |

The Rev. Charles William DOYNE was the father of Elizabeth
Jane NEWTON, wife of Henry NEWTON, of Mount Leinster, named
in the first of the tablets above described. Harriett
MACONCHY and Sophia VIGORS, named in the tablet to the
latter in the Old Church of Denleckney, described in vol.
iii, p.380, were also daughters of the Rev. Charles William
DOYNE. Jane Mary BATHE, the subject of a table in the Old
Church of Dunleckney described in Vol. III, p. 378, was the
mother of the first wife of Mr. Philip Charles NEWTON, of
Mount Leinster. The Blackney inscriptions, given on p. 379
of Vol. III, p. 379,Are not (as might be supposed from the
context) in what has

Pg. 214

…been called the "Old Church of Dunleckney," but within the
ruins of a far more ancient church close by.

The two BLACKNEY tombstones, together with the others
described below, have been built in modern times into the
east wall of the ancient church.

The second of the BLACKNEY inscriptions, given in Vol.III,
p. 379, appears to have been only partially copied, and the
full inscription is as follows:-Here lieth the body | of
James BLACKNEY | who departed this life | twenty-first of
May | 1742 Aged 60 years | Also the body of Mary BLACKNEY |
Wife of WalterBLACKNEY She depd | This life the 24th of June
1754 aged | 32 years | Also the body of Cathorine (sic) This
life the | [blank] aged | 72 years | Also the body of Walter
BLACKNEY who depd | Septr ye 29th 1796 aged 83 yrs Also the
body | of his Son John BLACKNEY he depd in Septr | 1797 aged
49 years and James his eld \est son who depd 28th | May 1796
aged 51 years And Catherine daughter to James who | depd in
1816 aged 32 years and | Jane also daughter to James depd
this life in | 1837 aged 58 years.

On the same east wall:-
      [Cross and emblems of the Crucefixion]
			D O M
Here lieth the body of Jane | MEYLER She Depd the 12th | of
August 1781 aged 55years | Also the Body of Phillis |
BLACKNEY She Depd the 8th | of August 1782Aged 48 years |
May they Rest in Pace (sic) Amen

Also on the east wall:-
			 I H S
		(Picture of a challis)
This Monument was erected by the | Rev. Michael PRENDERGAFT
Parish Priest | of Dunleckny A D 1810 in memory | of his
Uncle the Revd Michael BROPHY | D. of …

Pg. 215
…Leighlin and P P of Dunleckny | Who departed this life the
26th of Feb | A D1798 aged 68 years and also in | Memory of
his Grand Uncle the Revd | Michael BROPHY Doctor of Sorbonne
| and P P of Dunleckny who died the | 2nd of October AD 1758
aged 63 years | Requiefcant in Pace   Amen

The inscription referring to Margret BROWNE, described in
Vol. III p. 379, is ona small headstone in this ancient
church, close to the east wall; and within a few paces of it
is a flat slab, now broken in two, bearing this

			 	  I H S
	               GLORIA IN EXCELCIS DEO
Here lieth the Body of Wm BROWNE who | Depd this Life March
the 12th 1727 aged74 yrs | Also Margaret BROWN alias DILLON
his wife Depd | [broken off] n the 6th1743 aged 79 yrs  Also
Pattk BROWNE son [broken off] e above Wm and Margaret BROWNE
Depd Decmr | [broken off] aged  [blank] yrs also Mable
BROWNE Daughtr |[broken off] Margaret BROWNE Depd Decembr

In a neatly kept enclosure, shut off from the rest of the
churchyard by low yew hedges, are a number of graves, mostly
of members of the NEWTON family or of near connections of
theirs. By an order of the Privy Council made on 17th
December, 1873, the graveyard of Dunleckney was vested in
the late Philip Jocelyn NEWTON, Esq., the then owner of the
Dunleckney estate; and his tomb is a prominent object in
this enclosure.  It is of granite, coffin-shaped, with a
sloping cap, terminating on the top in a handsome polished
cross-flory.  The inscription which is in metallic
letters,and runs round the base on three sides, is:-	In
loving remembrance of Philip Jocelyn NEWTON who died April
20th, 1895	aged 76* years  Until the day break and the
shadows flee away.   Cant.	Iv. 6

•	This is an error.  Mr. Philip Jocelyn NEWTON was
born on 23rd March,1818, and was consequently seventy-seven
years at the time of his death.-  [E T B]

Pg. 216

In a plot adjoining, surrounded by a granite border, there
is at the head of a grave a Latin cross of white marble,
bearing on the base the following inscription:-
In | Memory of | M.C.A. NEWTON | loved daughter | of Philip
Jocelyn NEWTON |Born Sep. 22nd 1842 | Died May 24 1888 |
'Her sins which are many are | forgiven for she loved much."
| St. Luke vii, 47

A similar cross in an adjoining plot similarly enclosed has
on its base:-In | Memory | of | Adeline Sarah NEWTON | the
beloved wife of | Arthur N. Forbes GORDON | of Rayne
Aberdeenshire | Died 21st February 1879 | aged 30Mrs. Forbes
GORDON was also a daughter to Mr. Philip Jocelyn NEWTON.

A small plot has a marble upright headstone with the
inscription:-In | loving memory | of | Dudleigh John BAGENAL
| infant son of | Philip H. and H.J. BAGENAL | aged 5 months
| And a little child shall lead them | Isaiah xi, 6Mr.
Philip H BAGENAL was a fist cousin of Mr. Philip Joselyn

Another small plot has a desk-like marble tablet inscribed:-
In memory of | Charlotte VESEY | who died Dec. 20th 1874 |
aged 2 days | And of her infant brother | children of
William and Anne VESEY | "Suffer little children to come
unto me"

Mrs. Anne Harriette VESEY, wife of William Musechamp VESEY,
Esq., was a daughter of Mr. Philip Jocelyn NEWTON, and
succeeded him at Dunleckney Manor

Another plot enclosed, like the others, by a granite border,
has at the head a low Celtic cross of granite, and at the
foot a similar cross of a smaller size. In the base of the
cross, at the head of the plot, a white marble tablet is
inserted with this inscription:-In memory of | Sir William
Osborne BARONET | of  Beechwood Park | in the County
Tipperary | who died on the 2nd of July | 1875 | And of
Maria his wife | who died on the 26th of October | in the
same year

Pg. 217

On a marble tablet, inlaid in the base of the cross, at the
foot of the plot is:-
	Looking | unto Jesus | The author and finisher of |
	my faith

Another plot in the enclosure has two similar granite
crosses also inlaid with white marble tablets, with these
inscriptions:-In memory of | Sir Charles Stanley OSBORNE |
Baronet | of Beechwood Park County Tipperary | who died July
16th 1879 | Aged 54 years | the blood of Jesus  Christ|
cleanseth me from sin
Sir Willam OSBORNE (12th Baronet) and Sir Charles Stanley
OSBORNE (13th Baronet)were brothers of Emily OSBORNE, the
second wife of Mr. Philip Jocelyn NEWTON. The memorial to
the latter is a white marble Latin cross inscribed on the
base:-In | memory of | Emily NEWTON | the beloved wife of |
Philip Jocelyn NEWTON |Died December 31st 1886 |  "Be not
afraid only believe"

Another plot in this enclosure has at the western end two
handsome limestone Celtic crosses, with interlaced tracery
on the shaft and head, bearing,respectively, at the base
these inscriptions:-
In loving memory | of | Walter HORE | who died at Upton |
26th October 1902, aged 47 | I H S

In loving memory of | Walter HORE | who died at Rathwade |
on the 12th of April 1893 | aged 29 years | I H S

Another plot has at its head a white marble Latin cross with
this inscription:-
In | Loving Memory | of Adelaide Georgiana | youngest
daughter of | Henry NEWTON| of Mount Leinster | Born 1845,
Died 4th May 1896 | "I believe in the Communion of saints"

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol. 6. 1904, FHL #0258795