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Contributed by C. Hunt & Michelle Thompson

	[From Denis R. Pack-Beresford, Esq.]

"Here lieth the body of Edwd Earl late of Raheen who depd.
this life April 27th 1826 aged 68 years.  Erected by his
widow in memory of her beloved husband."

"Erected by Thomas Salter of Monmore in memory of his
beloved wife Anne Salter, alias Earl, departed this life
November the 28th 1836, aged 24 years."


"Here lieth the body of Philip Butler of Castlegrace who
departed this life on the 10th day of April 1799 aged 76
years.  Also his son Philip Butler who departed this
life on the 10th of June 1806 aged 46.  Also Hester the
good wife of Philip Butler of Borris, who departed this
life on the 7th of June 1847 aged 49 years, her loss was
deeply felt by those who knew her worth.
		When from the dust of death I rise
		To claim my mansion in the skies
		Even then this shall be my plea
		Jesus hath lived hath died for me.
Also Philip Butler who departed this life February 21st
1876 aged 86 years.
	Oh Death where is they sting
	Oh grave where is thy victory.?……15 chap. 55 verse."

"Here lieth the body of Mary Payne daughter of Edward
Payne of Knockmill junr. departd. this life ye 14th of
May 1780 aged 4 Mo.  Also Edward Payne senr. depd.
27th February 1788 aged 72 yrs.  Also Mary Payne
daughter of sd. Edward Payne junr. aged 3 yrs."

"Here lieth the body of Timothy Corrago of Raharkan
who departed this life the 1st of October 1786 aged 72
years.  Also the body of Margaret his wife who
departed this life March 17th 1808 aged 88 years."

"Here lieth the body of Jane Corragon wife of Wm.
Corragon of Waterford who departed this life July
the 30th 1801 aged 45 yrs.  Also the body of said
William who departed this life Febr. 28th 1813
aged 68 years."

"Erected by Henry Agar of Milltown over his child Luke
Agar who depd. this life Febr. ye 10th 1792 aged 3 months."

"Here lieth the body of Luke Agar who depd. this life Jany.
?17-7 aged 66 years.   Also his wife Elizabeth Agar
depd. October ye 6th 1798 aged 67 years."

"Underneath lie the remains of Thomas Gregory and
Elizabeth Gregory alias Hows.  Also their two sons
Edward and Thomas.  This tomb has been erected by
an affectionate daughter to the memory of her aged and
virtuous parents."

"Here lieth the Remains of Mrs. Sarah Meredith relict
of the late William Meredith of Templerainey Esq.
County Wicklow and daughter of the late Thos Garrett
Janeville Esq. who depd. this life the 11th day of Augst.
1822 in the 64th year of her age."

"Here lieth the body of James Garrett Downing who
departed this life the 29th of September 1804 aged
22 years.  Celo spes mea est."

"Here lieth the body of the charitable Thomas Garrett
of Janeville Deceased August 31st 1755 aged 48 years.
Also his wife Anne Garrett she deceased June 20th
1768 aged 39 years.  Also her daughter Anne Garrett
she deceased August 4th 1768 aged 18 years.  Also
two junr. daughters."

"Erected by John Rose of the City of Dublin in memory
of his parents.
Underneath lieth the Remains of Martha Rose mother
to the above John Rose who departed this life 29th
of January 1808 aged 63 years.  Also his brother
James Rose who departed this life the 20th of June
1814 aged 40 years.  And his father John Rose
who departed this life the 6th March 1819 aged
83 years."

"Sacred to the memory of Benjamin Ball, who departed
this life on the 5th day of April 1809 aged 71 years.
Likewise of Dorathea Ball his wife who departed this
life on the 16th day of February 1811 aged 73.
To enlarge on their superior virtues would to such as
were strangers to them appear extravagant.  While
all who were witness to them would feel it to be defective
in a grateful and affectionate sense of the blessings
they enjoyed in such parents.  This stone is erected by
their surviving children."

"Erected by Thomas Rose of Clonegath in memory of his
beloved wife Ellen who died 4th of September 1890 aged
70 years.  Also his son Henry who died 31st Oct. 1870
aged 22 years.  And William who died in Canada
24th of Septr. 1882 aged 31 years.
		We laid them down to sleep
		But not in hope forlorn
		We laid them to await the change
		Of the last glorious morn."

"In loving remembrance of Robert Keppel, Ballyvale, who
died 2nd Decr. 1881 aged 56 years.  Also his son Robert
who died young.
		Theres nothing here to court our stay
		Or keep us back from home
		Whilst angels beckon us away
		And Jesus bids us come.
Erected by his sorrowing widow and children."

"Here lieth the body of Cuthbert Feltus of Hollybrook
in this county Esqr. who depd. this life the 3rd day of
Novr. 1799 aged 77 years.  Here also lieth the body of Mrs.
Jane Feltus alias Bloomfield his wife who depd. this life
the 26th day of March 8821 aged 72 years.  Here lieth the
body of Adam Bloomfield Feltus Esqr. of Hollybrook
son of Cuthbert Feltus Esqr., who depd. this life on the
25th of May, 1849 aged 67 years.
		Beloved soul while in this mortal shrine
		Grace wrought thy change from mortal to

I am not perfectly certain whether the name is Felius or
Feltus, as it is very hard to read in all cases.? D.R.P.B.

"Here lieth the body of Frances Butler alias Moor who
departed this life the 23rd of May 1796 aged 40 years."

"Here lieth the body of Susana Butler alias Garrett wife of
John Butler of Me……….County Kildare
she deceased Aug…………."

"Sacred to the memory of Richd. Butler late of Butlers Park
County Wicklow who departed this life May 8th
1805 aged 57.
This Tomb is erected by his affectionate widow Eliza Butler
as a small tribute of gratitude to that best of all best
characters in this life a good husband."

In Sergeant Shee's history of the Irish Church, it is stated
that £738 was expended on the glebe-house of Fenagh, but the
expense of building the church was "not known."  The glebe-
land consisted of 26 acres.    The Rev. Richard Radcliffe
appears as incumbent in 1812, Patron, the King.

Sacred to the memory of Warden Flood eldest son of John
Flood, ofView Mount, in the County of Kilkenny, Esq., who
with a lively hopeof acceptance through the atoning blood of
his Saviour was removedfrom this world of sin and sorrow on
the 11th day of June 1834, at theearly age of 26 years.

Oh! who for a moment would alter thy lot,Would cancel the
price by which thou was bought;Change the darkness of earth
for those realms so bright,Where Christ is gthy glory thy
life and thy light.

Semper fidelis. In loving memory of the Revd. James Garrett,
of Kilgarron, Precentor of the Cathedral of St. Lazerian and
Rector ofKellistown, born Oct. 10, 1810; died Oct. 18, 1879.

With Christ which is far better.

This tablet is erected by his sorrowing widow and children.

Erected by her children To the memory of Their beloved
mother, Jame Mary Bathe, who fell asleep in Jesus, May 2nd

Sacred to the memory of William Garrett, Esq., of Janeville,
who departed this life at Kingstown, Feb. 22nd, 1865, aged
81 years. His meekness, benevolence, and sincere piety
gained for him universal respect and esteem.  Truly the
memory of the the just is blessed.  Also to Margaret his
wife daughter of Samuel Raymond, Esq., Co. Kerry, who died
May 25th, 1857, aged 68 years.  Also to Jane their second
daughter who died June 4th, 1844.  Also to Catherine
Georgina Augusta their eldest daughter, who died June 24th,
1854.  Also to Anna Maria their youngest daughter, and the
devoted wife of William Blakeman Robertson,
Esq.,Monchistown, Co. Dublin, who died June 19th, 1864.
John II. chapter, 25, 26 verses.

On the reading desk :
In memory of John Gray, Esq., J.P., who died the 24th March,
1876aged 84 years; and his wife Letitia Ceighton, who died
March, 1855, and their sons Robert Henry Augustus and
Arthur.  Also In memory of his son John Crighton Gray, Esq.,
J.P., who died Novr 18, 1876, aged 51 years. And his wife
Sarah Louisa, who died in June, 1862.  And their beloved
daughter Henrietta Gray, who died Oct. 23rd, 1877, aged 19

In honoured memory of John Watson, Esq. of Ballydarton. Died
22nd May 1869 aged 82 years also Mary his wife daughter of
James Garrett Esq of Kilgarron died 20th Dec. 1816, aged 29

To the memory of the Revd. Leslie Badham for ten years the
beloved Pastor of his flock.

This monuement is erected by his friend in loving
Remembrance of the untiring zeal displayed in his master's
service and faithful fulfilment of His command Feed my
Lambs, Feed my Sheep.  He died 18th April 1879 aged 67
years. And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me write
blessed are the dead which lie in the Lord from henceforth
yes saith the spirit that they may rest from their labours
and their works do follow them.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland,