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Contributed by Jacquie Liddiard

 [From Mr. C.J. Hobson.]

The following are in the churchyard :-

Here lieth the body of Timothy Gormacan who departed this
life the 20th day of April 1733 age 68 years.

As alsoe the body of his son Augustin Gormacan who erected
this, and departed this life the 10th day of May 1737 aged
38 years.

And also the body of Mary Gormacan alias Nash the wife of
Timothy Gormacan and Mother of Augustin aforesaid who
departed this life [not entered]

Also Mary his mother who died in December 1742, and his wife
Mary who died the 21st February 1767.

Thomas his son who died January .... [no date entered]

The upper right hand corner of the stone is broken.

The above is on a fine altar tomb of black unpolished
marble, with rich mouldings; it is about 6 feet long by 3
feet 6 inches wide, and is situated at the extreme N.E.
corner of the burial ground.

Next it, to the south, is a table tombstone, inscribed -

Erected by John Payne of Kilgreny in memmory of his Father
Joseph Payne, also his wife Elenor Payne alias Griff who
departd this life December 25th 1801 aged 48 years.  Also
the abovenamed John Payne of Killgreny who depd this life
January 18th 1820.

On a small upright stone, partly buried in the ground, and
with an indented top, is -

Here lieth the body of William Carew who deceased the 13 of
Octo 1722 aged 90 yeas and also the body of his wife Mary
who deceased the 10 of Fabruary [sic] 1700.  And also the
body of their son Pirce [sic] who deceased the 10 of August
1718 aged 21 years.  Erected by the said son John Carew.

This inscription is only partially given by Dr Ryan, and not
verbatim. The first part of the inscription is in large
capitals; the later part in small ordinary type.

Patrick Burke of Leighlin Augt. 1821, aged 88 years.

Erected by Bridget Darker of Braidwood, Australia, in memory
of her Father Michael Bowe, of Ballynolan, who departed this
life July 4th, 1863, aged 52 years.
						[an upright

Catherin Geyhin died 17th October 1781, aged 17 years.
						[a flat

Sarah Geyhin als Lynch died 27 April 1724, aged 16 years.
Also Patrick, her son.

Here Lieth the Body of William Calder who departed this life
the 6th of August 1795, aged 79 years.
						[a flat

No one of he name now in the parish.

This stone was erected by James Tatlock in memory of his son
William Tatlock, who departed this life October the 15th [?]
1730 [?], aged 25 years.

Also James Tatlock his Father, who departed this life the
8th February 1785, aged 70 years.

Lord have mercy on their souls.

Erected by P. Hayes, J.P., The Oaks, St. Leonard's, Sydney,
in memory of his Father John Hayes, who died 18 April 1858,
63 years.  R.I.P.
						[An upright

James Dwyer died Oct. 18th, 1838, aged 72 years.
Mrs Mary Large died . . . . 1832.  &c. &c.

Church Plate, &c.

A Flagon, plate, given by Dean Jas. Lyster, 1866

A Chalice, silver, inscribed -
"The Gift of the Honble. & Very Revd. RD. Boyle Bernard,
Dean of Leighlin, to the Par : of Wells, 1822."

A Paten, silver : same inscription and date.

A Collecting plater, brass, the gift of the Very Rev. Dean
Lawder (circa 1866),

A carved oak Collecting box, the gift of Dean Lyster, 1856.

A long handled copper Collecting  "pan" inscribed

"Wells Parish, 1828."

The font is of stone, and modern.

At present there are no monuments within the church.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland, FHL# 1279252