WILLS: Kelly, Dawson August 28, 1834

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: August 28, 1834
Recorded: June 24, 1818

Extracted from her Majesty’s Court of Prerogative in Ireland
In the Name of God Amen I Dawson Kelly do hereby declare
this to be my last Will and Testament revoking any other
Will or Testament I may heretofore have made 1st I bequeath
to my brother Arthur T Kelly the sum of Ten thousand pounds
sterling £10000 2nd I bequeath to my sister Mrs Sarah M
Evans the sum of two thousand pounds sterling £2000 3rd I
bequeath to my nephew George Evans the sum of five thousand
pounds sterling £5000 4th I bequeath to my nephew Thomas K
Evans the sum of three thousand pounds Sterling £3000 5th I
bequeath to my nephews Robert and Edward Evans the sum of
five hundred pounds sterling each £1000 6th I bequeath to my
Niece Mrs Priscilla Sherrard the sum of five hundred pounds
sterling £500 7th I bequeath to my Nieces Mrs Louisa Stewart
Alicia Bland and Maria Mathews the sum of two hundred pounds
sterling each £600 8th I bequeath to my nephews Thos Kelly
and Alexander Daniel Kelly the sum of two hundred pounds
sterling each And I bequeath to my Nephew Alexr D Kelly an
Additional sum of three hundred pounds sterling together
with the legacy left me by Louisa Kelly of One thousand
pounds with the Interest due on the same which will be
payable at the death of Mrs Kelly and levied of the Estate
of Dawson Grove £700 9th I bequeath to my friend Edwd Evans
Snr the sum of One hundred pounds Sterling £100 and it is my
Will that should any of the above named persons die before
this my Will comes into effect the legacy left to such
person should go to my brother Arthur And I also bequeath to
my brother Arthur the residue of my property of every
description with the exception of my Gun which I leave to my
Nephew Geo Evans And I request my brother Arthur to act as
my Executor in the above distribution of my property Witness
my hand and seal this eighth day of July 1818 Dawson Kelly At
such an awful Period as the present when it has pleased the
Almighty to visit us with the Cholera I consider it right to
add the following as a Codicil to my Will to say that if it
shall please God to take my brother Arthur suddenly from
this life before myself and before I have time to make
further Arrangements it is my Will that the ten thousand
pounds bequeathed to my said brother Arthur shall be divided
share and share alike between my Nephews George and Thomas
Evans and their heirs And it is my Will further that my
Nephew George Evans should possess the residue of my
Property of every description Witness my hand this 28th day
of August 1834 Dawson Kelly(Appearance by John Davidson
Junior of Armagh in the County of Armagh who knew Dawson
Kelly late of Armagh aforesaid as to the manner and
character of his handwriting 7 April 1837)
2 May 1837 Administration with Will annexed to Thomas Kelly
Evans Esquire the Nephew Arthur Irwin Kelly the Brother
having renounced
PCC Prob11/1878