Death: Cole, Joseph September 3, 1881

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Name:                Cole, Joseph
Date Of Death:       September 3, 1881 Time:
Place Of Death:      Mulladry, District of Richill
Residence:           Mulladry
Gender:              Male
Race:                W
Age:                 72
Marital Status:      Widowed
Spouse:              Cole, Mary
Date Of Birth:       1809
Place Of Birth:      Unavailable
Mother's Name:       Unavailable, Unavailable
Mother's Birthplace: Unavailable
Father's Name:       Cole, Unavailable
Father's Birthplace: Unavailable
Cause Of Death:      The effects of a fall received
accidentally by him on 7th last at Mulladry Co. Armagh from
the top of a cart load of hay he had been building.
Hospital:            Unavailable
SS Number:           Unavailable
Occupation:          Farmer (Butcher)
Funeral Home:        Unavailable
Doctor:              Unavailable
Coroner:             Unavailable
Informant:           Mary Hall
Date Of Burial:      Unavailable
Place Of Burial:     Unavailable
Date Recorded:       September 9, 1881
Source Of Record:    Certified copy od Death Certificate
Certificate No.:     D/1881/14/1002/6/37