Vitals: A Return of Inquests - 1841

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Transcribed and contributed Mary Heaphy


A Return of Inquests held by several coroners of the
counties and cities of Ireland for each month during the
year 1841. Giving name, date of inquest, where held, and
finding of each inquiry.

Taken from the British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland.

Note: "VISITATION FROM GOD" was a death where the cause was

POWELL, Thomas, on the 3rd and 4th of Jan. at Tullyvallen,
wilful murder by Patrick Woods, and others unknown.
McGUINNESS, Terence, on the 5th Jan, at Armagh Gaol, died
from naturalcauses.
ARMSTRONG, ?, on the 8th Jan, at Curryhuse, by visitation of
GRAGHAM, James, 11th Jan, at Clamoll, accidental death from
a gunshot wound.
SCOTT, James, on the 20th Jan, at Enagh, died from exposure
to the cold and the inclemency of the weather.
BRENNAN, Felix, 23rd Jan, Cornonagh, accidental death.
BRYANS, John, on the 24th at Armagh, accidental drowning.
BROOKS, Charles, 24th Jan. at Armagh, accidentally drowned.
CHRISTY, William, 24th, Jan, at Karrin, accidentally
O'TOOLE, John, on the 29th Jan. at Lisnadill, died by
visitation of God.
FEGAN, Sally, on 31st Jan. at Newry, found drowned.
NESBITT, Rebecca, 27th Feb, at Annaghmore, found drowned,
(subject to epilepsy).
KERR, Bernard, 1st March, at College-Hall, visitation of
KING, Margaret, 2nd March, at Killcarran, accidentally
BURNS, Thomas, 6th March, at Mahon, found drowned (A
REILLY, James, 14th March, at Lurgan, accidentally killed by
the falling of a quantity of earth upon him while employed
on the Ulster Railway.
CRAIG, Robert, 26th March at Armagh, visitation of God.
SMITH, alias McCARTNEY, Ann, on the 28th, at Armagh, died
from want and proper care and treatment at the time of her
HEWITT, John, 29th March, at Portadown, died from the
effects of an over quantity of laudanum, which he
incautiously drank, not being conscious of its effects.
CROTHERS, John, on the 2nd April, at Dinahora, accidentally
CROTHERS, Andrew, on the 11th April, at Dinahora,
accidentally drowned.
McGEE, George, 11th April, at Carron, suspended himself with
a cord by the neck from a tree, he being then lunatic.
FERGUSON, Sarah Mary, 15th April, at Armagh, accidentally
burned to death.
FEIGHAN, Thomas, 16th March, at Keady, found smothered in a
ditch by the weight of a cart and load lying on him.
McKELL, Sarah, 30th April, at Ballintagart, died from
inflammation of the stomach.
HAMILTON, Henry, 22nd April, at Newry, in consequence of a
sack of oats falling on him.
MURPHY, Peter, on the 7th May, at Newry, accidental death.
HALL, Margaret Ann, 3rd May, at Cornagrally, accidentally
MARLEY, Ann, on the 9th May, at Portadown, accidentally
CAMPBELL, Edward, 10th May, at Mullabrack, inflammation of
the liver.
MONTGOMERY, George, 10th May, at Cavargrove, accidental
DONNELLY, Owen, 13th May, at Newry, accidental death.
KERR, Ellen, 11th May, at Tullyginst, visitation of God.
McAVOY alias McAVIN, Patrick, 11th May, Loughgall, cutting
his throat with a razor.
TONER, Owen, 11th May, at Ballintemple, choked whilst eating
a piece of bread.
McSHANE, James, on the 12th May, Glasdrumond, visitation of
LEEMON, Rose Ann, on the 28th May, at Ballycrumony, disease
of the lungs.
WARD, George, on the 29th, at Tullyhue, died from being
struck with a horse.
MORROW, William, 2nd June, at Portadown, died from being
thrown from his horse.
FEIGHAN, Hugh, 13th June, at Drumkean, accidentally drowned.
McCREAGH, Hugh, 18th June, at Armagh, accidental death.
McVEAGH, John, 24th June, at Derryadd, accidentally drowned.
MOFFITT, Henry, 25th June, at Drumconnell, visitation of
WILSON, John, 11th August, at Derryniskin, fall from a
HAGAN, Bridget, 5th Sept., at Fermacoply, accidentally
McSHANE, Neil, 8th Sept., at Loughgall, accidental death.
COLLINS, Thomas, 13th Sept, at Mackery, died from a drowning
MARRA, Bridget, 16th Sept., Charlemont, died from visitation
of God.
YOUNG, James, on the 30th Sept, at Armagh, drowned himself
in a fit of insanity.
SERJEANT, George, 2nd Oct., at Drumadd, accidentally burnt
to death.
WOODS, Edward, 3rd Oct., at Grange O'Neiland, accidental
McCabe, Margaret, 7th Oct, at Knockaboys, strangled herself
whilst insane.
MURRAY, Elizabeth, 9th Oct, at Edenderry, accidentally
O'NEILL, James, 9th Oct, Upper Seagoe, accidentally drowned.
NELSON, Joshua, 17th Oct., Charlemont, accidentally drowned.
MAGOWAN, Elizabeth, 20th Oct., Tarkary, found drowned.
NOGHER, Rose, 26th Oct, Tassagh, accidentally burned to
KELLY, Ellen, 12th Nov., at Drumontin, died from apoplexy.
COCHRAN, Ann, 18th Nov., at Armagh, died from cutting her
throat in a fit of insanity.
BURK, Arthur, 26th Nov., at Darkley, hanged himself, being
DAWSON, Jane, 8th Dec, at Armagh Gaol, visitation of God.
DOUGAN, Terence, 8th Dec, at Alistragh, died from asthmatic
attack brought on by the cold and inclemency of the weather.
McANULTY, Patrick, 18th Dec. Crosmaglen, accidental death.
McCORMICK, George, on the 18th Dec., Coshna, exposure to the
MOYNES, Arthur, 28th Dec. Armagh, visitation of God.

Note: All "Mc" names transcribed from "M'" for ease of