Directory: County Armagh directory 1888. Whitecross and the surrounding area

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Contributed by Gill Smith 

Deighan Bros. Post Office Whitecross and Aitkenhead Road, Glasgow

KERNON              H.                    Whitecross
FINLAY              Rev. Jno              Whitecross
MEEKE               Rev. James            Whitecross
DONNELLY            Rev. Thomas           Whitecross
MONTAGUE            Rev. Patrick          Whitecross
SCOTT               Thomas                Whitecross
SYNOTT              P.G                   Whitecross
MARKEY              Mrs. Margaret         Whitecross
NESBITT             William R             Whitecross
DEIGHAN             James                 Whitecross
BOYLE               Edw.                  Whitecross
BOYLE               Ml.                   Whitecross
GARLAND             Rd.                   Whitecross
LOUGHLIN            Patk                  Whitecross
MARKEY              Mrs. Margaret         Whitecross
ADAMS               John                  Lisadian
BARRON              Irwin                 Lisadian
BELL                John                  Drumnahoney
BIRCH               William               Drumcrow
BOYLE               Patrick               Carrickanany
CANNING             Denis                 Aughincurck
CANNING             Matthew               Aughincurck
CANNON              Charles               Aughincurck
COONEY              Henry                 Aughincurck
COONEY              Thomas                Aughincurck
CORKEY              Isaac                 Aughincurck
COULTER             Alexander             Cavanakill
COPELAND            Isaac                 Drumcrow
COWAN               Anthony               Cavanakill
COWAN               Arthur                Cavanakill
CUNNINGHAM          Owen                  Ballintemple
DEIGHAN             Patrick               Carrickgallogly
DOLLOGHAN           Patk                  Drumnahunshion
DONNELLY            Henry                 Drumharrif
DOYLE               L                     Drumnahunshion
EDGAR               John. H               Drumhoney
ELLIOT              David                 Rathcarbbery
ELLIOT              John                  Lisadian
ELLIOT              John jun.             Lisadian
ELLIOT              Thomas                Lisadian
FARRELL             Bernard               Carnagat
FINEGAN             Bernard               Ballintemple
GARLAND             Patrick               Grayhillan
GRAY                James                 Lisadian
HADDEN              Thomas                Grayhillan
HAMILTON            John                  Outleckan
HARPER              William               Lisadian
HARPER              William jun.          Lisadian
HARRISON            Mrs. E                Drumhoney
HAUGHIAN            Edward                Ballinate
HENNING             James                 Clonhinny
HUNTER              Moses                 Clonhinny
KEARNEY             John                  Clonhinny
KING                Andrew                Drumcrow
KING                John                  Lurgana
KING                Joseph                Cavanakill
KING                Joseph J.             Drumnahoney
LAMPH               Felix                 Cladybeg
LOUGHRAN            Lawerence             Tullyagh
McCOMB              Samuel                Greyhilan
McGUIRE             Michael               Keadybeg
McKEE               Thomas                Lisadian
McKEOWAN            Francis               Ballinate
McPARLAND           Daniel                Cavanakill
McPARLAND           John                  Corlat
McPARLAND           John                  Corlat
McPARLAND           Mrs. Margaret         Cavanakill
McSHANE             John                  Tullyah
MAGUIRE             Thomas                Keadybeg
MARKEY              Michael               Drumnahoney
MARKEY              Patrick               Tullyah
MORGAN              Michael               Lisadian
MURPHY              Mrs                   Grayhillan
MURPHY              Mrs.S                 Corlat
MURPHY              Peter                 Grayhillan
NESBITT             James                 Drumcrow
O'BRIEN             William               Cavanakill
O'HARE              James                 Cavanakill
PATTERSON           James                 Lisadian
PATTERSON           James                 Lurgana
PATTERSON           John                  Cavanakill
PATTERSON           John                  Drumharrif
PATTERSON           Jno.                  Drumnahunshion
PATTERSON           John                  Lurgana
PATTERSON           John                  Outleckan
PATTERSON           Mark                  Lurgana
PATTERSON           Samuel                Cavanakill
QUINN               Daniel                Greyhilan
ROBB                James                 Drumhoney
ROBB                Samuel                Drumhoney
ROBB                William               Drumhoney
ROBB                William jun.          Drumnah
SAVAGE              Henry                 Outleckan
SAVAGE              Mark                  Outleckan
SHIELS              Patrick               Drumcrow
SIMPSON             John                  Ballintate
SINCLAIR            Thomas                Lisadian
SYNNOTT             Parker. G             Lurgana
TONER               Michael               Drumcrow
WALLACE             James                 Lisadian
WALLACE             John                  Rathcarberry
WALLACE             Robert                Rathcarberry
WATSON              Thomas                Corlat
WHELAN              John                  Drumnahoney
WHITE               William               Enagh
WILLIAMSON          John                  Drumnhoney
YOUNG               Dr. Alex. G           Sandymount

Note: MC names were transcribed from Mc for ease in search