CHURCHES: Quaker Marriage of Joshua Marsh and Elizabeth Rogers 1695

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Some Notes on Irish and Other Quakers, Book of Lurgan
Meeting, 1695. Marrage of Joshua Marsh and Elizabeth Rogers

The marriage of Joshua Marsh and Elizabeth Rogers, including
the list of signers to the marriage certificate

At our Province Meeting held at Ballyhagen (County Armagh)
ye 17th day of ye 6thmonth 1695 friends of Ballyhagen
Meeting and friends of The Meeting beyond Charlemont (Upper
Grange Meeting) have agreed that once in two men's Meetings
Some friends from Ballyhagen Meeting goe to ye mens Meeting
beyond Charlemont And also That some friends from Charlemont
goe to The mens Meeting at Ballyhagen once in two mens

Joshua Marsh and Elizabeth Rogers having appeared ye second
time and Declared their Intentions of Marriage before this
Meeting as formerly and the partyes appointed to make
enquiry Concerning their Clearness and Consent of Parents
have returned Their answers That they find nothing to
Obstruct Them but That they may lawfully marry, So it's the
apointmt of this Meeting That ye Said Joshua Marsh do
publish (or Cause tobe Published) Their Said Intentions in
two Severall Meetings at Monallon, and if noThing Then
appear against Them They may at a Convenient Season Take
each other in Marrage, Alexr Mathes, John Hoope, and William
Porter are desired To See ye said Marrage be perfected in
good Order'

The marriage was accordinly accomplished on the 28th of 6th
month (August) 1695.

The names of the signers to the marriage certificate appear
in the following order in the old Marriage Record Book of
Lurgan Meeting (p.121)

Joshua Marsh
Elizabeth Marsh

John Rodgers
Roger Kirk
Peter Rogers
George Whaly
Richard Hollin
James Halleyday
Alexander Mathew
Lancelot Pearson
John Williams
Samuel Kirk
Jacob Kirk
John Thirkeld
George Blacker
John Willson
Alexr Christy
John Moorton
Ffrancis Hillary
Robart Kirk
John Christy
Timothy Kirk
James Moorton
Tho: Wainwright
Tho: Bullough
George Black
Tho: Bradshaw
Christy Rogers
Ellin Wollsy
Margrit Blacker
Mary Horner
Deborah Kirk
Ann Whaly
Eliz: Atkinson
Joan Mathew
Joan Adams

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into Pennsylvania 1682-1750 with their Early History in
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