Census Substitutes: Alphabetical List of Landowners in 1870's - Names & Addresses Only - O-R

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Contributed by C. Hunt & M. Taylor


Owner Name			            Owner Residence-1873-75

Obre, Ralph S.					Clantilew		Tartaraghan
O'Callaghan, Florence				xxxx			Dundalk
O'Callaghan, Mary A.				xxxx			Dundalk
O'Connor, Catherine				Farnaloy		Keady
Offley, John H.					Truro House		Eastbourne
Ogle, Francis H.				Fathorn			Newry
Ogle, William H.				xxxx			Newry
O'Hanlon, Hugh					Tullybrone		Armagh
O'Hanlon, John					Tullybrone		Armagh
O'Hare, Ambrose					Lagan			Keady
O'Hare, John					Lagan			Keady
O'Hare, John					xxxx			Belleek
Oliver, William					Killynure		Armagh
Oliver, William					Knockagruffy		Armagh
Olpherto, Barbara				xxxx			Dublin
O'Neal, Terence					xxxx			Near Newtownhamilton
O'Neill, Arthur					Killynure		Armagh
O'Neill, Daniel					Farnaloy		Keady
O'Neill, Rose					Farnaloy		Keady
Orr, Jacob					xxxx			Loughgall
Orr, John					xxxx			Richhill
Orr, Joseph					Cranagill		Loughgall
Orr, William					xxxx			Loughgall

Palmer, William					xxxx			Newtownhamilton
Parnell, John					xxxx			Dublin
Paton, Susan					xxxx			Armagh
Patterson, James				Tassagh			Armagh
Patton, George					Carrowmannon		Belleek
Patton, John					Carrowmannon		Belleek
Pedlow, John					Liscooran		Lurgan
Peebles, William				xxxx			Armagh
Pepper, James					Ballyworkan		Portadown
Pepper, Richmond				Ballyworkan		Portadown
Phelps, Mary Jane [Reps. Of]			xxxx			Gilford, co. Down
Phenix, Moses					Lenalea			Armagh
Phenix, Townley					Lenalea			Armagh
Phenix, William					Latmacollum		Armagh
Phenix, William					Lenalea			Armagh
Pillow, Jackson					Drumachee		Markethill
Pooler, Kate					xxxx			Armagh
Pooler, Robert [Reps. Of]			xxxx			Armagh
Porter, Anne					xxxx			England
Porter, Christopher				Tullylinn		Poyntzpass
Porter, Isaac					Tullylinn		Poyntzpass
Porter, John					Ballyreagh		Poyntzpass
Porter, John					Tullylinn		Poyntzpass
Porter, Miss					xxxx			England
Potts, Mary					Darkley			Keady
Powers, John					Carricknagavna		Belleek
Powerscourt, Viscount				Powerscourt Castle	co. Wicklow
Prentice, Henry E.				Manooney House		Killylea
Prentice, Thomas A.				xxxx			Armagh
Preston, John					xxxx			Near Newtownhamilton
Prinault, John [Reps. Of]			xxxx			xxxx
Pringle, Alexander				xxxx			Bessbrook
Pringle, Colonel				xxxx			Dublin
Pringle, John H.				xxxx			xxxx

Quarry, George [Reps. Of]			xxxx			Portadown
Quin, John J.					xxxx			Newry
Quinn, Anne					xxxx			Dublin
Quinn, Bernard (Frank)				Carricknagavna		Belleek
Quinn, Bernard (Ned)				Carricknagavna		Belleek
Quinn, Bryan, jun.				Carricknagavna		Belleek
Quinn, Charles					Carricknagavna		Belleek
Quinn, Edward					Tullynichol		Armagh
Quinn, Edward					Carricknagavna		Belleek
Quinn, James M.					Marlacoomore		Tandragee
Quinn, John					xxxx			Dungannon
Quinn, Margaret					Marlacoomore		Tandragee
Quinn, Mary					Carricknagavna		Belleek
Quinn, Mary 					xxxx			Armagh
Quinn, Mary A.					xxxx			Belfast
Quinn, Mary Anne				xxxx			Armagh
Quinn, Neal					Carricknagavna		Belleek
Quinn, Patrick					Carricknagavna		Belleek
Quinn, Patrick					Carricknagavna		Belleek
Quinn, Patrick					Lisraiv			Poyntzpass
Quinn, Peter					The Agency		Newry

Rafferty, Bernard				Clea			Keady
Rafferty, Catherine				Farnaloy		Keady
Rafferty, Denis					Cargaclogher		Keady
Rafferty, Henry					Farnaloy		Keady
Rafferty, James					Farnaloy		Keady
Rafferty, John					Lagan			Keady
Rafferty, Laurence				Clea			Keady
Rafferty, Mary					Carricknagavna		Keady
Rafferty, Owen					Clea			Keady
Rafferty, Owen					Drumgreenagh		Keady
Rafferty, Patrick				Clea			Keady
Railway Co.; Banbridge Junction			xxxx			Banbridge
Railway Co.; Dublin & Belfast Junction		xxxx			Dublin
Railway Co.; Newry & Armagh			xxxx			Newry
Railway Co.; Newry &  Warrenpoint		xxxx			Newry
Railway Co.; Portadown & Dungannon		xxxx			Belfast
Railway Co.; Ulster				xxxx			Belfast
Read, John					Balteagh		Tynan
Read, Robert					Balteagh		Tynan
Read, Robert J.					Drumkirk		Keady
Reany, Robert					Balleer			Armagh
Redmond, A. Walker				xxxx			Richhill
Redmond, John Walker				xxxx			Richhill
Reed, John					xxxx			Carrickmacross
Reed, Dr. William				xxxx			Newtownhamilton
Reid, Susan C.					Blackwatertown		Armagh
Renaghan, Alice					Clea			Keady
Renaghan, Alice					Cargaclogher		Keady
Renaghan, Patrick				Crossdened		Keady
Renahan, John					Cargaclogher		Keady
Rice, Owen					Clea			Keady
Richardson, John G.				Moyallon		Gilford
Richardson, Jonathan				Lambeg			Lisburn
Richardson, Sons, and Owden			xxxx			Bel
Richmond, William				Florence Villa		Ilfracombe, N. Devon
Riddall, George					Knockaneagh		Killylea
Riddall, George S.				xxxx			Armagh
Riddell, David					xxxx			Richhill
Riddell, Mrs.					xxxx			Armagh
Ripley, George					Drumnakelly		Portadown
Roantree, John					xxxx			Richhill
Robb, Benjamin					xxxx			Portadown
Robb, Hamilton					xxxx			Portadown
Roberts, William				Killeen			Armagh
Robinson, Elizabeth				xxxx			xxxx
Robinson, Rev. George				Abbey -street		Armagh
Robinson, John					xxxx			Keady
Robinson, John					Darkley			Keady
Robinson, Jos.					xxxx			Belfast
Robinson, Margaret				Darkley			Keady
Robinson, R. H.					xxxx			Dublin
Robinson, Rev. Thos. R.				xxxx			Armagh
Robinson, William				Cargaclogher		Keady
Robinson, William				Lylo			Portadown
Robinson, William				Ballynagolan		Tynan
Robinson, Wm. (pound)				Lylo			Portadown
Robson, Martha					Tullybrone		Keady
Rogers, Edward					xxxx			Armagh
Rogers, John					Crossdened		Keady
Rogers, Samuel					xxxx			Lurgan
Rolleston, David				Tullymore Obra		Benburb
Rolston, Sarah					xxxx			Keady
Rooney, Thomas					Corron			Keady
Ross, John					xxxx			Richhill
Ross, John					Carrowmannon		Belleek
Ross, John					xxxx			Lurgan
Ross, William					Lisnadill		Armagh
Rowland, Thomas					xxxx			Near Newtownhamilton
Ruddell, David					Peacefield		Portadown
Ruddell, Nelson					Aghacommon		Lurgan
Ruddell, Samuel					Turmoyra		Lurgan
Ruddell, Thomas					Knockramer		Lurgan
Rule, Ellen					Carryhugh		Keady
Rule, George					Carryhugh		Keady
Rush, Patrick					xxxx			California, America
Russell, Robert and Co.				xxxx			Portadown

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland: A Summary for each
Province & For All Ireland 	 Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command
of the Queen [Out of Copyright]