Cemetery: Charlemont Parish, Leggarhill

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Contributed by C.Hunt and Jennifer Lawson


"In this burying-ground there are a good many older
headstones than those I havecopied, the inscriptions on
which could only be deciphered by some one who wouldhave
unlimited time at this disposal."

ARMAGH   (P 253)
"The poetry on Taylor's tombstone is rather unique, and in
the neighbourhood it is the subject of humorous remarks."

"This churchyard is receiving a good deal of attention at
present, and is in good order. Rev. Mr. Watson is rector of

"Erected by MARGARET TAYLOR in memory of|Her beloved husband
GEORGE TAYLOR |Lateserjeant of the Royal Artillery
who|departed this live on the 25th of July1838.| Aged 52
	To him so mourned in life so loved in death
	The afflicted partner and the widowed wife
	With tears inscribes this monumental stone
	That holds his ashes and expects her own."
[Flat tombstone]

"This burying-ground was originally an old Rath surrounded
by a circular trench, and is situated on a hill overlooking
the village of Charlemont, County Armagh. From this Rath,
Charlemont was bombarded on one or two occasions."

"In  memory of | P.WARBURTON who departed this life|18th
July 1869 aged 73years.|Also|MARY MILLAR.
	"Blessed are the dead|which die in the Lord."
[Ordinary flat tombstone.]

"Sacred|to the memory of the late|CLEMENTS McCOAN|who
departed this life 3dJanuary 1881.|Aged 46 years."
[An upright stone]

"17th August 1817|The soul is gone home|The body rests
here|of Jane|wifeof|DAVID ALDERDICE|Aged 72."

"JACKSONS|Burying place| of Charlemont|1832".
(The above inscription is to be found on the coping stone of
the wall surrounding this plot.)

"There are some remains of the fortifications at Legerhill
from which Duke Schomberg bombarded the town (of
Charlemont), and a Danish rath.  A surious gold ring, and a
gold cross studded with gems, and said to have belonged to
Sir Teague O'Regan, have been discovered here: also, a few
years since (1837), a body, almost in a complete state of
preservation, with the clothes and spurs perfect."  (Lewis,
i., p 322)

SOURCE: Journal of the Association for the Preservation of
the Memorials of theDead in Ireland, 1893.  FHL# 1279252