Antrim Wills: O'Hara, Barnard Or Bryan Or Barnet February 11, 1783

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File contributed by: Rosalind Dunning


Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: February 11, 1783
Recorded: December 1, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I Bryan O'Hara of the Town Land of
Cagherty of Antrim being sick of Body but of sound Mind and
Judgment make declare and Publish this my last Will and
Testament after my funeral Expences or Debts if any there be
are discharged I make such bequests as follows first of all
I recommend my Soul to God and desire to be interred in a
decent Christian manner first I leave and bequeath to my
father Mother and my Brother Charles fifty Pounds Sterling
which Sum I order to arise from certain Sums of Money Put to
Interest for the Use of said Persons and if it should happen
that my father John O'Hara of the Town Land of Cagherty and
my Brother Charles O'Hara do not like to live together I
order three Parts to be made of the fifty Pounds and two
parts to be given to my father and a third part to my
Brother Charles the same Sum to continue to them during my
father and Mother's natural Life and then I order my Brother
John O'Hara now in the Kingdom of England one hundred Pounds
Sterling of Principal Money and the remainder of said Money
to be divided share and share alike between my Brother Hugh
O'Hara and my Brother Charles O'Hara and my Sister Mary
McNully Secondly I bequeath to my Nephew Bryan McNully Son
to my Sister an Infant one hundred Pounds Sterling and if
the said Child should die I order the said Sum to her other
Children Thirdly I bequeath to my Brother John Hara now in
England two hundred Pounds Sterling fourthly I bequeath to
my Brother Hugh O'Hara one hundred and fifty Pounds Sterling
And Lastly I bequeath to my Uncle Arthur O'Hara five Pounds
Sterling the like Sum to my Uncle Cormick and the like Sum
to my Uncle Edmond O'Hara Also I leave the like Sum to my
Aunt Anne O'Hara and leave to my Uncle Charles Drean five
Pounds Sterling and I leave to John O'Drean son of my Uncle
John O'Drean deceased five Pounds Sterling I order Mr Henry
O'Hara of Limminary and Owen McNully of Ballylssan and Hugh
Dunphey to be Executors to this my last Will and Testament
revoking and disannulling all Wills and Testaments made
before this  I Order two hundred Pounds Sterling to my
Sister Barnet O'Hara signed Sealed declared and Published
this twelvth day of November 1781 in presence of Us Hugh
O'Devlin _ James Willson

I the within mentioned Witness declare John O'Hara and Mary
O'Hara Parents of Barnard O'Hara deceased were ordered fifty
Pounds Year and Yearly during their natural Lives given
under my Hand this 11th February 1783 Hugh Devlin

Proved at London 29 October 1783 to Owen McAnnully otherwise
McNully and Hugh Dumfey otherwise Hugh Dunphy
PCC Prob11/1109