Wills: McCleverty, George Anson November 18, 1807

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: November 18, 1807
Recorded: May 8, 2019

I George Anson McCleverty of Glynn in the County of Antrim
Esqr do make & publish this my last Will & Testament in
manner following I leave & bequeath my Sister Mary
McCleverty my Leasehold Interest in that farm of Land
situate laying & being in the Town land of Ballywillan &
Parish of Rollso called Wildys farm in Glenoe with the Corn
Mill & all the Rights Members and Appurts thereunto
belonging as by lease may appear also the Sum of one
thousand pounds Sterling & the use of my house Garden
Furniture & farm at Glynn my Plate & Wine during her natural
life & my Chaise & her choice of four horses I leave &
bequeath to my Niece Jane Apsley the sum of One thousand
five hundred pounds Ster & to my nieces Elizabeth & Sarah
Apsley the Sum of One hundred pounds each to my Sister Sarah
McCleverty fifty pounds I leave & bequeath to my brother
Robert McCleverty & his heirs the residue & remainder of my
property real or personal in Europe & the West Indies for
his sole use & benefit to act & do with as he pleases I
hereby nominate & appoint my brother Robert McCleverty Rd
Dobbey Castle dobs & R G Ker of Red Hill Esquires Executors
of this my last Will & Testament & request their acceptance
of a ring in token of Our Long friendship Witness my hand &
seal at Glynn this 18th day of Novr in the Year of Our Lord
God 1807 seven G A McCleverty Signed sealed & delivered in
presence of Wm Glasgow _ Alexr Ritchie _ Isabella Ritchey
Memo of Legacies Robert is to pay M McCleverty 1000-pounds
additional 500-0-0 Jane Apsley 15-0-0 C L & Ju Apsleys
300-0-0 Sarah McCleverty 50-0-0 3350-0-0 2850-0-0 and fifty
pounds to M Wilson 50 G A McCleverty In addition to what is
given to Mary McCleverty I hereby leave her the Sum of fifty
pounds Ster for the use of Mary Wilson if she the said M
McCleverty shall think it proper to give the sd sum of fifty
pounds to sd M Wilson G A McCleverty

(Appearance by Solomon Darcus of Larne in the County of
Antrim as to manner and character of handwriting of deceased
sworn before John Smith Curate of Belfast 26 April 1822)

Proved at London 21 August 1822 to Robert McCleverty power
reserved to Richard Dobbe (in the Will written Dobbey) and R
G Ker