Wills: McClelland, Richard June 4, 1803

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: June 4, 1803
Recorded: April 3, 2019

I Richard McClelland of the County of Antrim think it proper
now that I am in my ordinary state of health to settle my
worldly Affairs in and by my last Will and Testament which I
make and publish in manner following that is to say I leave
and bequeath to my dear Wife in addition to her Marriage
Settlement all my Household furniture and plate to her own
use and disposal and I will and deire that my Executors
hereafter named shall dispose of all my Stock in Trade
consisting of Drugs Paints and Oils and also all Household
Interests I may be possessed of at the time of my decease
and the amount thereof together with my Cash and book
Accounts after paying my just Debts there out to place one
half at Interest the Interest of which my Wife is to receive
at Six Per Cents half yearly while she lives and at her
death to be divided share and share alike to my Brother
Robert McClelland and Martha McClelland alias Neilson my
Sister or to the one living the other half of my property is
to be divided share and share alike to my Brother and Sister
(Belfast) 4 June 1803 Richd McClelland

I appoint Robert Neilson James Lewis and Robt McClelland of
Kingston Jamaica my Executors

Proved to Robert Neilson and James Lewis 25 September 1807
by William Bristow Vicar General of Down and Connor
Proved at London 18 March 1808 by Oath of Robert Neilson
power reserved to other Executors
PCC Prob11/1476