Wills: Mackay, Alexander February 29, 1829

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Source: National Archives London
Written: February 29, 1829
Recorded: February 1, 2020

In the Name of God Amen I Alexander Mackay of Belfast in the
County of Antrim Printer and Publisher of the Belfast News
Letter being at present in a delicate state of health and
considering the uncertainty of this mortal life do make and
publish this my last Will and Testament in manner following
that is to say I leave and bequeath unto my dearly beloved
Wife Jane Mackay a sum of eight hundred pounds or
thereabouts now vested in Government four per cent stocks
and all other sum and sums of money and other proceeds and
Interest now due or to become due on foot thereof and to
which I now am and shall or may be entitled to at the time
of my decease for her own sole use and benefit and to be
disposed of in such manner as she may think proper I also
leave and bequeath all my right title and Interest of and in
and to any one half share and all moneys Effects and
Property in the Establishment called the Belfast News Letter
together with all other goods chattels & Effects of every
nature and kind whatsoever and wheresoever to my said Wife
Jane Mackay and to my three daughters Catherine Agnes and
Elizabeth Mackay and the Survivors and Survivor of them in
equal shares and proportions but if any of them my said
children shall die without Issue such share or shares of
such child or children so dying shall be divided to and
amongst the survivor of them my Will and desire is and I do
hereby authorize my Executors hereafter named to sell and
dispose of my share in the said Establishment of the Belfast
News letter at such time or times as they or the Survivors
of them may think most fit and proper And lastly I do hereby
constitute and appoint my said Wife Executrix and my Brother
in Law David Murray of Edinboro and my father Alexander
Mackay of Belfast Gentleman Executors of this my last Will &
Testament In Testimony whereof I have hereunto put my hand
and seal this twenty fourth day of February one thousand
eight hundred and twenty nine Alexander Mackay

(Attestation Clause)
Jacob Knowles _ John Montgomery _ Andrew Penterdon

Proved at London 17 June 1830 by Oath of Jane Mackay power
reserved to other Executors
PCC Prob 11/1772