Antrim Wills: Crossley, Francis September 16, 1846

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File contributed by: Rosalind Dunning


Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: September 16, 1846
Recorded: December 13, 2017

This is the last Will and Testament of me Francis Crossley
of Glenburne in the County of Antrim Esquire Whereas I am
seized and possessed of certain lands in the County of Down
called Brage and certain moneys to a considerable amount And
whereas by Deed of Settlement entered into upon the marriage
of my present Wife Elizabeth Helen there is a sum of six
thousand two hundred pounds settled on her for life with
remainder to issue of said marriage as I by my Will may
direct Now my will is that in case said trust money does not
produce an annual income of three hundred pounds that my
Executors hereinafter named shall make up out of my property
any balance that may be wanting to ..... such annual income
after the decease of my present Wife Elizabeth I leave said
sum of six thousand two hundred pounds share and share alike
amongst my four children And I leave all my other Property
that I may die possessed or entitled unto also share and
share alike amongst my four children but subject to two
bequests namely seven hundred pounds to Francis Colquhoun
and a like sum of seven hundred pounds to James Colquhoun
both Sons of my late Daughter Mrs Colquhoun and in case any
or either of my said four children and in case any or either
of my said four children should die before they become
entitled to their portion I leave same to the survivors or
survivor of them share and share alike And I nominate John
Robert Irwin of Carmagh House in the County of Armagh and
Crommelin Irwin of Newgrove in the County of Down Esquire as
the Trustees and Executors of this my Will And in the event
of my present Wife marrying again I appoint her unmarried
Sisters as the Guardian of my said four children And I
desire that my said Trustees and Executors pay from time to
time such portion or portions of my said children's fortune
as may during their minority be necessary for their
advancement in life I also leave my two Granddaughters
Sophia and Grace Colquhoun sisters of Francis and James
Colquhoun seven hundred pounds And I nominate Thomas
Hastings Irwin of Liverpool Esquire to be my Executor in the
place of John Robert Irwin Esquire of Carmagh Esquire
hereinbefore mentioned Fra Crossley

(Attestation Clause)16 September 1846
Crommelin Irwin of Newgrove County Down Gentleman _ W
Thompson M.D. Lisburn _ George Alexander of Henburn Butler
Proved in Common Form 17 November 1846
Proved at London 23 December 1846
PCC Prob11/2046