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Contributed by C.Hunt & Vicki Strickland


Reports from counties - County Antrim
[From Francis Joseph Bigger and Herbert Hughes]

'The following are a few inscriptions of interest from the parish churchyard
at Larne - a graveyard which contains more armorial and other carved stones
than any in the county. The names are largely of Scottish origin, and the maiden
names of wives are generally given - a custom which should be strictly adhered to.

'The following stone (MUNRO) lies flat at the east end of the church, and is very
much worn, and was only deciphered as far as this has been done, after great difficulty.
It is evident from the poetry that the Munros were an old sailor clan of Larne in
the days when sailing meant something' :-

"Here [lieth] the body of William M[UNR]O who departed this life [...........]
aged 66 years al[so .........] Jane PEYTO who dep[arted] this life Dec 8th 1[7]97 [aged]
43 years, and his Daughter Ann FERRES who died Jan 20 1802 aged 44 [yea]rs Also
his son David [who] departed this life [................?] 1804 aged 48 years. [..............]
wife Mary MUNRO who [depa]rted this life 19th July 1804 aged 90 years.

"No more Munros shall cross the Tropick Line
 Nor bid his crew defy the Polar Wave
 Or spread more sail to leave their foe behind
 Here lies the landlock'd in the silent grave."

"Also Nancy wife of David MUNRO who departed this life 28th Sept 1814 aged 76 years."

'A stone bearing the letters E.M., 1688.  This stone bears neither arms nor inscription,
only the initials and date as given. At the top of the stone it bears the initials L.E.'

"In memory of Mary SMILEY [wife of George McHENEY] born 1785
 died June 2 1827 and of her son James McHENEY, M.D.  Author of 'O'Halloran' &c born
 Dec 20. 1795, died July 21 1845."

"Here . LYETH the bodys of Patrick & Mary children to David
 McFAREN who deceased  in Febrvary 1689 also Elizabeth ALLEN who died Oct 31st 1777
 aged 22 years."

"Here Lyeth ye Body of Janet HAR who Died; March ye 31 1754. Aged 75 years;  who was
wife to Robert ALLEN, of Ballycragie & he died in 1770 aged 94 years.  Also his son
Thomas ALLEN who died 15th Aug. 1804 aged 84 years. Also the remains of Martha Anne
widow of the late John BOYLE of Ballycraigey died 7th January, 1866 in the 93rd year
of her age."

"Here lyeth the bodys of 3 children of James SMYLY & Margaret CALDWELL viz. Margret
& 2 Marys 1761."

'The representative of the Smileys is this year (1899) High Sheriff for this County.'

"Here Lyeth the Body of James HOUSTON who Died September the 20th 1725 aged 48 years
& Rose HARE wife to said James HOUSTON who died June 18th 1759 aged 76 years."

'Here we have the emblems of husbandry depicted beside those of death. It would be
difficult to say what the centre ornament is intended to represent.'

"Here is interred the body of John THOM who died Mar 16th 1767 aged 35 years  a man
of great sincerity and virtue, obliging in his natural temper, wise in his proceedings
a lover of what is good he despised both evil company & bad practices."

'The above quaint figure, reading a book, is evidently intended for a schoolmaster -
a curious example of depicting the deceased in his usual occupation when alive.'

Source: Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of  the
Dead in Ireland, Vol.5. FHL# 1279252