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Abstract of a probate record for Edward Walsh who left Carlow about 1816 and came to Louisiana, USA. He died about 1838. His only heirs were his brother, Walter Walsh, of Carlow and a sister (whose name may be Bridgit) wife of James Smyth of ? (near Carlow). Walter apparently travelled to Louisiana to claim the inheritance.
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Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, Civil Suits and Probate Records, Book 9 #100

Succession [Probate] of Edward Welsh

  10 May 1838 Edward Welsh died intestate.  In order to protect the rights of the heirs Judge Leufroy Barras went to the residence of Thomas R. Shields, Esq., accompanied by Hubert M. Bellanger and Adolph Verret to take an inventory.  Jean Baptiste Laperuse and William C. Watkins were appointed expert appraisers.  
  Inventory: Clothing, trunk and cooper's tools and papers - notes of Engeron brothers, Nimrod Connell, Thos. R. Shields, and W. B. Barrow.  By the account books, Thomas Shields owes the estate $311.37.  Total estate valued at $2133.37  
  16 June 1838 Sale of the perishable inventory, brought in $54.87 and one half cents, paid out of that W. C. Watkins for "crying" the sale and J. B. Laperuse for "taking up" the body.  
  7 Aug. 1841  County Wereford, Taghnun [?] - I have been informed by James Bow that Edward Walsh, a native of the town of Carlow, died in America leaving $2200.  Edward Walsh ran away from his apprenticeship in Carlow about 1816 - 1817.  The informant and the deceased were employed by Thos. Shield, a sugar planter in Terrebonne Parish. [Not signed or dated]  
  Sept. 1841 Edward Walsh of the Woodlands in parish of Killablin in Queen County, Ireland, was bound an apprentice to Patrick Conners in the town of Athy, cooper.  He ran away form his master and went to America in 1816 - 1818.  Walter is his [Edward's]  brother and always lived in this neighborhood.  His father and mother are dead.  He is the only living brother but there is one sister who lives in this place.  She is married to James Smyth of Junnes rath [?] in the same parish.  
  Mary Connor attests that Edward Walsh was an apprentice to her husband in the town of Athy, she is now living in Carlow.  
  /s/ John Brenan - Blanakill  
  /s/ William Brenan - Woodlandss  
  /s/ Martha Murray - Aughatery [?]  
  /s/ James Neil - Woodlandss  
  /s/ Patrick Doyle - Ashfield  
  /s/ Hugh Conran - Rushes Callawy  
  /s/ Thomas Farrell - Ballynakill  
  /s/ Jefery Fleming - Ashfield  
  Attested to by W [?] Hiskey, p. priest  
  Statement on the back: Wm. B. Ker, J. P., Queens County, Carlow, Ireland says he has inquired into the statement and believes it to be true.  
  2 Nov. 1843 Walter Walsh et al vs. E. D. Burgueries  
  Testimony of James Bowes who says he knew Edward Walsh and knows Walter Walsh, the plaintiff.  In Irland [sic] sometime in 1840, he heard Walter Walsh say he had a brother named Edward Walsh who had run away from the apprenticeship in Irland to the United States.  
  James Bows went from Louisiana to Ireland after the death of Edward Walsh and had the death published in the town of Carlow by the parish priest.  Immediately Walter came to see the witness and gave a perfect description of his brother, Edward; including a mark by his right leg from a cut as an apprentice.  Walter also resembled Edward.  
  Testimony of Patrick Hacket says he knows Walter Walsh, the plaintiff, and that his father and mother are both dead.  He knew the brother of Walter Walsh; he went to school with him.  Edward Walsh came to the U. S. about 1817 or 1818.  He had forgotten him until he saw the plaintiff in Thibodaux.  Walter's brother was a cooper and ran off from his master cooper.  The deceased had a sister living in Ireland, the witness thinks her name was Margaret.  
  Thomas Walsh was sworn, he says he knew Edward Walsh 3 years before his death.  He lived with him and knew that he had run away from his apprenticeship and came to the United States.  The witness knew Edward had one brother in Ireland, named Walter and two sisters.  Before his death, Edward had received a letter informing him of the death of one sister and the other sister had married.  Bridgit is the name of the sister who is still living.   
  14 Dec. 1843 Authorization  addressed to the curator of absent heirs to recognize Walter Walsh and _____ Walsh, wife of James Smyth, as the legal heirs.  E. D. Burgueries is ordered to account to them by the next term of the court.  /s/ L. Barras, Judge  
  23 Dec.1843 Two Summons: to Patrick Hacket and to Thomas Walsh to appear on the 28th at the Parish Justice office on his plantation 5 miles from Thibodaux to testify.  /s/ Leufroy Barras, Judge  
  No date Walter Walsh and ______Walsh wife of James Smyth vs. E. D. Burgueries  
  Walter Walsh and _____ Walsh, wife of James Smyth, both residents of Killablin parish, Queen County, Ireland, represent that they are the sole heirs of Edward Walsh, cooper, who died 24 April 1838 in Terrebonne Parish, [Louisiana].   
  29 Dec. 1843 The plaintiff [Walter Walsh et al] requests that E. D. Burgueries, curator for absent heirs, and Bannon G. Thibodaux, attorney for absent heirs, be discharged.  
  1 May 1844 Accounting of the estate - list of fees paid amounting to $43.49.  
  10 Sept 1844 E. D. Burgueries says he is prepared to turn over the balance of the estate to the legal heirs.  
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