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National Police Officers Roll of Honour
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From National Police Officers Roll of Honour, In Memory of those police officers of the United Kingdom, who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

ROYAL IRISH CONSTABULARY and constituent forces
Year Rank Name County/City Classification
1896 Const? Michael McGrath Co. Carlow unconfirmed
1920 Const Timothy Delaney Co. Carlow political violence
1920  Const John Gaughan Co. Carlow political violence
1921  Const James Duffy Co. Carlow political violence

In the 3 year period 1919 and 1922, 493 members of the Royal Irish Constabulary were killed.

Royal Irish Constabulary, (R.I.C.)

Constable Timothy Delaney, (29 years old) and Constable John Gaughan (34 years old) were killed in ambush carried out by members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) on 8th Sept. 1920 near Tullow, County Carlow. Two other R.I.C. officers were wounded in the attack. Delaney was from Queens County (Laoise), he joined the R.I.C. in July of the same year. He worked as a signalman on the railway before joining the R.I.C.

Constable John Gaughan was from County Mayo. He had 12 years service in the R.I.C. and was a Gaelic Teacher (Irish Language teacher ) prior to joining the force. Whilst a member of the R.I.C. he continued to teach Irish in the Carlow area in his spare time .

Constable James Duffy was 29 years old when he was shot dead on 3rd April 1921. He was drinking with Henry James and was on the way home from " The Mall" Public House , Killeshin (about 2 miles from Carlow town), when he was attacked by three IRA. men. Henry James was wounded in the attack.

James Duffy, who was originally a farmer in his native County Monaghan, had joined the R.I.C. in December 1920. He had been warned to stay away from a local Killeshin girl, Miss B. Doogue, but he continued his friendship with her and as a result he was killed.

Report of incident 7th Dec. 1922 compiled by James Byrne, Officer in Free State Army.

On 5th January 1923 Edward Snoddy was shot dead in the house of Edward Maffet whilst carrying out a raid for arms in Palatine, Carlow.

(Edward was an uncle to Michael Purcell.)

Ref: CW/OPS/8 Box 8 Dublin/Eastern

3rd Eastern Division 7/12/22
Staplestown (near Carlow) Lt. Jas Byrne
 2 officers & 40 men
2 Revolvers 49 Rifles 42 Bicycles

A cycle column left Carlow Barracks to raid for Irregulars reported active blocking roads in Staplestown area. Two Irregulars named - Edward Snoddy, Blackbog Carlow, and John Shaw, Bennekerry Carlow, - arrested in Wm. Ireland's of Staplestown. Some despatches were found on Snoddy and a drill manual was found on Shaw. Snoddy later escaped from custody. On searching a barn near the house a Colt Revolver .45, and 6 rounds of ammunition were found, also a set of leather straps and an ammunition pouch.

The column cleared all roads blocked in area.

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