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Selected Tombstone Inscriptions

The following list has been sourced and transcribed by Terry Curran in the hope that someone may find them of use in their research for their ancestors or they may give a better insight as to what life was like during the period.
Selected Tombstone Inscriptions

Carlow Tombstone Inscriptions from: Memorials of the Dead in Ireland


Parish of Carlow

The following inscriptions have been copied by the Editor from tombstones in this churchyard, which is situated in the town of Carlow, round the present parish church:-

CHRISTOPHER STONE, and others of the same family, dates 1874, 1879, 1884. [An upright stone.]

JOHN RICHARDSON, of Carlow, 1836, aged 62.

JOHN RICE GRIFFIN, late Music Master of the Carlow Regiment, November 10th, 1825, aged 45, &c.

JACOB POOLE, d. December, 1796, and others. [A flat stone.]

HENERY CONELY, d. 23 Mar., 1718 or 1719 [Small upright.]

SAMUEL MACARTNEY, Sept., 1804, and others. [An upright stone.]

ELIZABETH HARRIS, d. 15th April, 1765. [Small upright.]

SARAH EMMA BOWEN, daughter of the late JOHN BOWEN, of Dublin, Solicitor, d. Mar. 1869.

THOMAS TURNER, of Tullow-street, d, 1844.

ROBERT KIRKE, of Tullow-street, d. 1835.

LAVINDA KEREVIN [and ROBERT], 1812. [Masonic emblems.]

ISABELLA LEGGET, d. 1852. [Broken.]

RICHARD MCMULLEN, Esquire, d. August, 1830. aged 42 years.

SCOTT HOWARD, d. 1855, etc. [Flat.]

JOHN BARRETT, of Carlow, d. May 17, 1858 (?) [Flat.]

Mrs. ELIZABETH BROWNE, alias LENON, d. August, 1824, &c. [Flat.]

Here Lyeth the Body of Miss MARY PARKER Who departed this life January the 23, 1781, aged 3 years

Also, Mrs. ELIZABETH PARKER, Who departed this life December. 6, 1784, aged 2 (?) years.

Also Mrs. MARY PARKER, Who departed this life June 25, 1786, aged 34 years. [On an upright stone.]

The Burial-Ground of Mr. WM. GRAHAM, Surgeon Apothecary.Here lieth 3 of his sons, and 3 of his daughters. [Upright]

JOAN COOR, d. March, 1718, aged 51 years.

ROBERT GALE, of Carlow, d. August, 1849, aged 31 years.

THOMAS CLIFFORD (?), formerly a Lieut. in the Royal Irish Artillery, d. August, 1811 aged 50, &c.

ROBERT ALLEN, d. 6 January., 1735, aged 48 years. ELIZABETH, his wife, d. 1761, aged 54 years. Erected by Henry Allen. [upright.]

SCOTT, 1854. [An upright stone.]


AND HIS FAMILY, WHO DEPARTED Ye 7 DAY OF MARCH, 1734, AND IN Ye 90TH YEAR OF HIS AGE. [A small upright stone.]

JOHN RIND, late 9th Dragoons, May, 1788. Erected by his grandson, Lieut. John Rind, late of the 9th, or Queen's Royal Lancers, 1847.

FRED NESS, d. 1781, aged 33.

SERGEANT THOS. WILSON, 9th Dragoons, d. Oct., 1784, aged 48. Erected by Elizabeth Wilson, his wife.

SIMON OATES, and MEARY (sic), his wife, alias HIGHCRAFT, d. 21 Oct., and in the 53 year of [the rest is underground] 1739. [An upright stone.]

WM. CONNELL, February, 1731. [Small upright.]

RANDALLS, 1849, &C.

JANE STODDARD, wife of SWINTON STODDARD, Qr. Master of the Hants Regt. of Militia, d. 23 December., 1812, aged 43. [Upright.]

F. TYDD (of H.M. Excise), 1834, aged 63.

WILLIAM BASSETT, of Carlow, Feb. 7, 1865, aged 87 years. [Upright.]

ARTHUR RUSSELL (?), date 1800. Erected by his brother Freemasons


Erected to the memory of a fond and affectionate father, James Nash, who died Sept. 15th, 1843 By his dutiful and loving children.

Pray for the soul of Anne Heverin who departed the 18th of April 1779, aged 36 years.

Erected by Patrick Maher of Closutten in memory of his wife Jane Maher who departed this life Sept. 7th, 1859, aged 46 years. Also the above Patrick Maher who died May 10th, 1878 aged 66 years. Also his son James died in America, July 10th, 1886 aged 31 years.

Erected by Simon Fitzpatrick of the Royal Oak in memory of his daughter Mary Fitzpatrick who departed this life Dec. 15th, 1827 aged 20 years. Also his daughter Anne who departed this life Feb 19th, 1833 aged 28 years. Also his son John Fitzpatrick who departed this life on the 6th of Dec, 1834, aged 38 years. And also his son Patrick Fitzpatrick who departed this life Dec. the 3rd, 1835, aged 35 years.

Erected by Jeremiah Lee of Royal Oak in memory of his beloved mother Mary Lee who died March 31st, 1888 aged 71 years. Also his sister Jane who died May 13th, 1915 aged 54 years. Also the above Jeremiah Lee, died March 25th, 1927 aged 76 years. Also his father William Lee, died in Australia.

Erected by William Mulhall in memory of seven of his children who died young. Also his grandson, William Quinlon. Also his wife Mary Mulhall who departed this life July 27th, 1826 aged 51 years. Also his son-in-law James Quinlon. And his mother Mary Mulhall departed Jan. 30th 1828.

Here lies Derby Crowe deceased October 25th, 1763 aged 99 years. Also his wife Margaret Crowe alias Nolan, deceased 12th February 1759 aged 80 years. Also his grandchildren William, Elizabeth, and Mark Crowe deceased 15th January 1763. Also Mary Crowe deceased March 1769.

Here lieth the body of Patrick Neill, deceased May the 4th 1768 aged 70, also Sarah Neill aged 18. Lord have mercy on their souls.

This stone was erected by David Nowlan in memory of his family. Morris Nowlan departed Dec. 16th, 1789 aged 48 years. Also his two brothers and daughter. May they rest in peace. Amen.

Erected by Catherine Donohoe, Royal Oak, in memory of her husband Martin Donohoe who died Dec. 12th 1898 aged 65 years. Also their son Patrick who died July 17th 1897 aged 22 years. The above Catherine Donohoe alias Dunne died July 6th 1910 aged 65 years. Also her mother Margaret Dunne and her father Morgan Dunne who fought at Castlebar 1798 died at Royal Oak 1868.

In loving memory of John Mulrooney, Oldtown, died 1st June 1923 aged 84 years. And of his wife Katherine Mulrooney died 29th January 1932 aged 75 years. And their son Martin Mulrooney died 27th July 1935 aged 54 years.

Erected by Mrs. Ellen Cullen, Dublin, in memory of her beloved parents, Henry Maher died December 1st 1886 aged 73 years. Catherine Maher died June 20th 1896 aged 70 years. And her brother Martin died May 14th 1872 aged 16 years.

Erected by James Townsend, Ballycarney, in memory of his wife Mary Townsend who died October 27th 1933 aged 57 years. Also his son Patrick died March 15th 1923 aged 9 years. And his son Martin died May 7th 1947 aged 43 years. The above James Townsend died Dec. 24th 1952 aged 86 years. Also Margaret Mullins, Oldtown Nurney died 13th March 1974 aged 67 years. Her husband Martin died 18th Feb. 1980 aged 69 years.

In loving memory of James Brennan, Leighlinbridge, died 1st November 1939 aged 25 years. Bridget Rowan died 9th May 1940 aged 37 years. Her daughter Cathleen who died young. Patrick Brennan died 10th March 1912 aged 6 years.

In Loving Memory of Martin Brennan, died 10th May 1905. His wife Margaret died 15th May 1905. His daughter Bridget Honohan died 3 May 1911. His daughter-in-law Ellen Brennan died 6th February 1945. His son Patrick Brennan died 24 May 1945 aged 66 years.

Erected by Patrick Quinlan of Flagmount in memory of his mother Margaret Quinlan alias Conners who departed this life March 1st 1775 aged 35 years. Also his father Dennis Quinlan who departed this life May 4th 1783 aged 49 years. Also his sister Mary Quinlan who died young.

Pray for the soul of Michael Somers, Killenane, who died February 24th 1909 aged 72 years. Also his son Murtha who died Jan 22nd 1902 aged 26 years. Also his wife Johanna died Feb 11th 1914 aged 63 years. Also his grandson Michael died young. And his son John died March 1st 1917 aged 45 years. Also his son Michael died June 3rd 1938 aged 56 years. And his son James died October 10th 1945 aged 72 years, and his wife Annie Somers died September 1st, 1971 aged 91 years.

Erected by Patrick Sheehan, Old Leighlin, in memory of his wife Elizabeth Sheehan died 17th February 1941 aged 60. His sons: John died 25th December 1941 in Hong Kong aged 38; Maurice died 29th January 1943 in Japan aged 28. His parents: Mary Sheehan died 5th April 1892 aged 40; John Sheehan died 20th September 1899 aged 55. His brother Martin died 3rd September 1933 aged 55. The above Patrick Sheehan died 11th February 1951.

Erected by Patt Mulrooney in memory of his son Martin Mulrooney who departed this life the 24th of May 1814 aged 22 years. Also his son John Mulrooney who departed this life the 30th of March 1823 aged 34 years. Also his beloved wife Mary Mulrooney alias Lee who departed this life the 10th of April 1835 aged 73 years. Also to the memory of the above named Patt Mulrooney who departed this life the 18th of July 1840 aged 73 years. May they rest in peace. Amen.

Erected by Jeremiah Mulrooney of Farnarene in memory of his father James Mulrooney who departed this life May 30th 1863 aged 90 years. Also five of his children who died young. Also his sister Bridget Mulrooney who departed this life March 27th 1877 aged 70 years. Also the above Jeremiah Mulrooney who died November 27th 1893 aged 84 years. Also his wife Ellen Mulrooney alias Minchin who died January 8th 1846 aged 48 years. Also his son James Mulrooney who died March 11th 1899 aged 58 years.

Erected by Maurice Sheen of New York in memory of his father Edward Sheen late of Reawhade who died March 10th 1841 aged 43 years. Also his mother Catherine Sheen who died May 18th 1865 aged 73 years. Also his brother James died young.

Pray for the soul of Katie McAssey, Rathellin, Leighlinbridge, died 6th Dec. 1947 aged 52 years. Erected by her loving family.

Here Lieth the body of John Roberts who departed the 25th of July 1710 aged 99 years.

Erected by Patrick Neail in memory of his grandfather Thomas Neail. He died 30th of July 1764 aged 65. Also his father Michael Neail, he died the 6th of August 1768 aged 42.

Erected by Michael Neil of the City of Kilkenny in memory of his wife Mary Neil alias Rafter who departed this life February 22nd 1823 aged 27 years. Also his mother Eleanor Neil alias Hickey who departed this life July 12th 1805 aged 66 years. Also his son John aged 6 years who lie here interred.

Erected by Margaret Kavanagh, Monmore, in memory of her dear husband Garrett Kavanagh who died Nov. 23rd 1900 aged 69 years. Also their daughter Margaret Kavanagh who died in America Nov. 24th 1898 aged 29 years. Also the above Margaret Kavanagh died Jan. 16th 1903 aged 63 years. Also their daughter Rose, Sister M. F. Borgia died May 17th 1907 aged 38 years. Also their son Michael died May 30th 1909 aged 27 years. And their son James died May 9th 1924 aged 61 years. Rest in Peace.

Sacred to the memory of Edward Lawlor, of Coolnakisha, who died January 29th 1903 aged 82 years. Also his sister Kate Lawlor died Nov. 3rd 1906 aged 83 years. Also his wife Anne Lawlor died June 2nd 1922 aged 88 years. And his daughter Mary Lawlor died June 6th 1927 aged 60 years.


From: Memorials of the Dead in Ireland COUNTY CARLOW

Parish of Myshall

In the old churchyard in the village of Myshall there is a granite stone; part of it has been broken off some years since. There are two deep, conical-shaped holes in it; and the stone goes by the name of the "colleen's slips."

Another similarly-marked stone is said to be in an adjoining parish, and to be called by the same name.

The following legend is attached to them; --Long, long ago a witch or fairy was trying tothrow these stones from Mount Leinster [which mountain overhangs Myshall towards the County Wicklow, where they were wanted, and in doing so she slipped (hence the name), and one of the stones fell at Myshall and the other (in throwing which the same bad fortune attended her) fell in the adjoining parish. The two holes in the stones are said to be the marks of her knees.


The following pretty lines formed part of the inscription on a tombstone in the old churchyard at Myshall, Co. Carlow, and were copied from it some years since by Robert Malcomson, Esq., F.R.S.A.I. Even then the name of the person to whom the monument was erected had (Mr. Malcomson believes) disappeared from the tomb, and now the very tombstone itself seems to have vanished, as, during a recent visit paid to the churchyard by Colonel Vigors and myself, no such inscription was found:

"See the leaves around us falling, Dry and withered, to the ground, Thus to thoughtless mortals calling With a sad and solemn sound. On the tree of life eternal, Man, let all thy hope be laid, Which alone for ever vernal Bears a leaf that will not fade." 1890.

J. F. M. FFRENCH, Clonegal.

The Most Rev. Dr. Comerford, in his work on this diocese (vol. ii., p. 319), mentions the following monumental inscriptions at Myshall: -

I. H. S. "Here Lieth the body of the Rev. EDWARD EUSTACE, of Myshall, Capuchin, who departed January 1783 aged 66 years. Requiescat in pace. "Here Lieth the body of ROWLAND EUSTACE, who departed this life, September the 11th, 1799, aged 54 years. May the Lord have mercy on his soul. Amen."

Several priests are interred at the present parochial chapel - some outside and others inside.

Let into the wall at the door of the vestry, a tablet bears the following inscription: -"

Hoc in tumulo quiescit corpus Revdi. JOHANNIS CLEARY, Ecclesiae Pastoralis Myshallensis, qui, meritis cumulatus animam placidissime exhalavit anno reparatae salutis millesimo octingentesimo decimo sexto, aetatis vero suae quadragesimo nono. In pace requiescat. Amen."

The following are also mural:-D. O. M.

"Underneath are deposited the mortal remains of the Rev. LAURENCE CUMMINS, who, for twenty-two years, discharged the onerous duties of Pastor in the united Parishes of Drumfen and Myshall, with credit to himself, honour to Religion, and glory to God. 'He pleased God, and was beloved, and being amongst sinners he was translated.' He departed this life December 26th 1838 aged 64 years. Requiescat in pace. Amen."

"Here lieth the body of the Rev. MICHAEL NOLAN, who discharged the duties of Parish Priest of Myshall and Drumphea, for thirteen years with great zeal. He died on the 23rd February, 1852, aged 60 years. He was a most sincere friend. His last most anxious desire was that the good people who may enter this Holy Place would offer up a fervent prayer for the repose of his immortal soul. Requiescat in pace. Amen."

"Beneath are deposited the mortal remains of the Rev. GERALD MULVIN, P.P. of Myshall and Drumphea. His Christian meekness and zeal, blameless life, and edifying conversation honoured his ministry and instructed his flock. His pious life here ended in a holy death on the 6th Nov., 1860, in the 60 year of his age. May he rest in peace."

"Here lie the remains of the Rev. MICHAEL FENELON, who died 8th January, 1847, in the 28th years of his age, and the 4th of his Sacred Ministry. During his short career he was eminently distinguished for piety and zeal. May he rest in peace."

"Pray for the soul of the Rev. PATRICK NOWLAN, who died 11th Dec. 1863, in the 63rd year of his age. Gentle and kind to all, especially [to] the suffering and the poor. He served 40 years."


In an old churchyard (?) in the Demesne of Borris, near the east end of the ruins of the church (?), a handsome limestone cross has quite recently been erected, in memory of the late Arthur McM. Kavanagh, Esq., with the following inscription:-


On the top is cut-

"In thy presence is the fullness of joy." -Ps. xix. 11.

The cross is richly ornamented with Irish interlaced work, &c. The base is about 3 feet high.

The old building near it, and which I have called a church, although I am not aware of there being any record of its ever having been used as such, is about 70 feet in length by 19 feet in width inside, with a return at the south (?) end, about the size of a small room, and probably used as a place of residence. At the north end is a gable, perfect, and with two doorways close together. On the west side are three very narrow openings for light, only a few inches wide and about 2 feet in height, well splayed inside. They do not appear to have had glass or wooden frames in them at any time. The east wall is mostly broken down to a height of 2 feet or 3 feet above ground. There is a doorway in it about 2 feet in width, and which appears to have been narrower at the top than at the bottom -- The building is very rough.

The ground round this ruin has been enclosed, and, I believe, lately consecrated. -ED.


From: Journal of the Irish Memorials Association, Vol. 13, 1933-1934.


In Memory of Catherine Whitty, died 12th January 1892 aged 93; and her husband Thos Ravenscroft Whitty, died 4 March 1862 aged 86; Also their children Major John Whitty, Died 28 March 1877 aged 46; Staff Surgeon Thos R. Whitty, Died 8 June 1868 aged 34; Major W Nassau Whitty, Died Feby 1882 aged 46; Annie C. Rawson, Died 16 April 1885, aged 46; Irwine Whitty in Australia 1907, aged 74.


From: Memorials of the Dead in Ireland


I am indebted to the kindness of the Rev. J. F. M. ffrench, Rector of Clonegal, on the eastern border of this county, for the following description of some monuments in his parish, and of the fonts and church plate. He has kindly promised me additional notes for next year's Report.

The Church of Clonegal, otherwise Moyacomb ("The plain of the Two Hounds."--Joyce), or Moycon, is a modern structure, erected about the year 1819. I find that in that year a sum of 1,300 pounds was borrowed from, I believe, the Board of First Fruits, for the purpose of erecting the present building. There are four burial-grounds in the parish three of which are used, and one altogether disused, viz., there is the old parish burial ground which surrounds the parish church, the "Yew- tree" burial-ground, and the modern burial-ground. which surrounds the Roman Catholic Chapel; also the remains of a disused burial-ground surrounding the site of the old church of Ardbrittan. None of these burial-grounds contain any monuments or memorials of the dead of very ancient date. In Ryan's "Carlow" there is mention made of a tombstone in Clonegal churchyard, bearing the following inscription :-

"Here Lyeth : inter'd the body of Mr. John Esmond who departed this life June the 9: 1715. Resquescat : in : pace. Amen."

This tombstone is not now to be found. The Esmond family were the former owners and occupiers of Huntington Castle, Clonegal. 1 remember a tomb to the memory of Mr. Joseph Cuff, the last member of the Cuff family (now Wheeler-Cuff), who lived in Ballyredmond House, Clonegal, but the inscription seems quite worn away, and I am not now able to find it on any of the tombs. There is also a headstone with a quaint representation of a soldier in ancient uniform--knee-breeches and stockings, with a gun on his shoulder, and underneath the inscription:--

"Here lieth the body of the spaerited volunteer Henry Browne, departed the 14th May 1784, aged 26 years."

This monument is suffering much from the weather. And in the same churchyard there is a headstone to a member of the Ralph family, who were once very numerous in the parish, but who have now almost ceased to exist. The headstone is inscribed with the following lines, said to have been written by Mrs. Tighe, the author of "Psyche":--

"To the memory of William Ralph, of Kilcarry, who died on the 21st of February, 1818, aged 71 years."

"Guard of the wood, in settled low content, Lived William Ralph,--a ramble paid his rent. A boy, in sportive toil he climbed the trees; A man, he loved them rustling in the breeze. As he grew old, his old companions spread A broader, browner shadow o'er his head; While those he planted shot on high, and made For many a rook a hospitable shade. With this one change, life gently crept away-- A placid stream it flowed from day to day. His friends and children loved him, as the tear Well spoke, profusely shed upon his bier ! If he had faults, thou also hast thy share,-- Strike thy own breast and feel what lurketh there ! He who sees all, shall judge both him and thee : Repent ! for as it falls so lies the tree."

This William Ralph was wood ranger to the Tighe family. The other churchyards do not contain any monumental inscriptions worthy of special notice. In the Clonegal churchyard there is a large square granite stone hollowed out, which was probably in ancient times the socket of a stone cross. There is no old font ; the one in use being a handsome modern one, given to the church by Alexander Durdin, Esq., of Huntington Castle, Clonegal, in memory of his mother. The church plate consists of a chalice, flagon and paten. The flagon is modern, but the chalice and paten are fine specimens of old silver plate. The chalice bears the inscription :-- "Moyacomb Church, Ferns. 1716." The chalice has no hall mark. The paten bears the inscription round the border of the plate-- "Ferns, for ye use of ye said Parish."

The hall marks are--A circle with 10 in it, a shield with P in it, and a harp crowned. In the burial-ground of the old church of Barragh, in this country, Mr. ffrench and I could only discover two tombstones--so overgrown was it with weeds, briars, and thorn bushes. This graveyard down not appear to be "anybody's child"; it is not in the list of burial-grounds in charge of the Carlow Board of Guardians, and it fully supports its orphan state by its disheveled appearance. We found--


The old church itself is in ruins. The west gable is perfect, and most of the south wall, which is 13 or 14 ft. in height. There is one narrow window 3 ft. high and 6 in. wide, with internally splayed walls. The chancel appears to be some feet wider than the rest of the church. Is not this very unusual? A fine "bullan," or stone basin, about 3 ft. in diameter, is outside the church on the south side. The total length of the church is about 78 ft. by 21 ft. wide, outside.



From: Journal of the Irish Memorials Association, Vol. 13, 1933-1934.

Erected by Mary Jane Whitty, wife of Sir Annesley De Renzy, K.C.B. In loving memory of her father the Revd. John Whitty, formerly rector of Rathvilly, who died 1843 aged 85 years; and of his wife, her mother, Jane St. George, who died 1884 aged 94 years; and of her brother St. George Whitty, who died 1875 aged 43, and of his wife Anne Massey who died in 1872, aged 37.

From Ryan's History of Co. Carlow, page 352: To the memory of Mrs. Anne Whitty. Here lie beneath this marble slab consigned, Wife, mother, sister, Christian, all combined, Each station gently filled by God approv'd, She died lamented as she lived beloved. The shaft by which the fatal blow was given, No sting inflicting sent her soul to Heaven. Died 22nd Feb 1826. (N.B.--The limestone slab bearing this inscription lies flat on the ground in enclosure. Most of the inscription is still quite legible.)

In Memory of Catherine Whitty, died 12th January 1892 aged 93; and her husband Thos Ravenscroft Whitty, died 4 March 1862 aged 86; Also their children Major John Whitty, Died 28 March 1877 aged 46; Staff Surgeon Thos R. Whitty, Died 8 June 1868 aged 34; Major W Nassau Whitty, Died Feby 1882 aged 46; Annie C. Rawson, Died 16 April 1885, aged 46; Irwine Whitty in Australia 1907, aged 74.

In loving memory of William Nassau Whitty, Late Major in 10th North Lincoln Regt, who died 1st February 1882, aged 46 years.

In Memory of Jane M. Whitty, the beloved wife of the Rev. D. L. Whitty, and daughter of Charles Langley Esq., late of Coalbrook, County Tipperary, who departed this life 25th Jany 1861; also of the Revd. David La Touche Whitty, of Ricketstown, who departed this life 28th March, 1885, aged 78 years.

(This inscription is on a mural tablet in the church:) This tablet Sacred to the memory Of the Revd. William Whitty, M.A., Curate of the Union of Rathvilly 20 years, Who departed this life on the 1st of May 1844, in the 43rd year of his age.


From: Memorials of the Dead in Ireland

COUNTY CARLOW Parish of Lorum.

Of Lorum, Lewis says (in 1837):--"It contains 1,507 inhabitants and 5,428 statute acres. The parish was episcopally united to Slyguff and the Rectory of Ballyellen. The church had been recently repaired by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, at an expense of 184 pounds."

Lorum is a contraction of Lavrum [the Drum or Ridge Of the Elms Joyce]. The church of this parish is about 2 miles south of Bagenalstown, and nearly I mile east of Slyguff. It has been lately very nicely restored and improved. It is built of granite, and has a picturesque and well-proportioned spire.

In the new portion of the burial-ground the following tombstones are to be seen:--


Captain Pack served for several years in the Royal Artillery, and, on the death of his god-father, Field-Marshal Lord Viscount Beresford, G.C.B. in 1864, he assumed the name and arms of Beresford, in compliance with his will.

Other tombstones in this burial-ground:-- ASHMORE, of Graiguealug, 1878. O'NEILL, of Ballinkellen, 1882. [Two stones.] BURGESS, of Ballyconneck, 1879-1888.

In the old churchyard I found the following:--

P. MURHHY, died March, 1795, aged 65.His son, the Rev. JAMES MURPHY, died 1808, aged 41.And other children.

P. MACCASSEY, died Nov., 1796, aged 73.His wife MARGARET, died Dec., 1785, aged 60.

ANASTASIA KEARNEY, died Nov., 1808, aged 19.NOWLANS: Ellinor, 1789; Darby, 1770.

FLOODS, 1800. BRENNAN, 1800. JOHN BOLGER, 1804. BRYAN NEAL, 1782.

Dr. Ryan, writing in 1833, says Dr. Seward calls it Lowran in 1795, and describes it thus:--" Situated within 1 mile of Ballyloughan Castle, it is but a poor place, with as poor a church. However, the 18th of April being a patron day, St. Lazarianus [Lazerian], is highly celebrated, who was one of the first founders of the Cathedral of Old Leighlin, and was buried here." "There is no patron now (1833) held [Ryan says], nor is there any memorial whatever of St. Lazerian in the churchyard. Indeed, there can be no doubt that he was not buried here, but at Old Leighlin. The only objects worthy of any notice are two handsome modern tombs of the RUDKIN family."

These tombstones are now (1890) in the old portion of the burial-ground, and are as follows:--






ERECTED By JOHN RUDKIN, Esq., To perpetuate the Memory of his Mother, MARY RUDKIN, Who departed this life on the 10TH day of September, 1810, Aged 48 years.

Also, Mrs. JULIA RUDKIN, daughter of the above,Who died March 1ST, 1817. A young lady who was, by the most amiable disposition, endeared to all her acquaintances.

HERE ALSO LYETH The Remains of WILLIAM RUDKIN, Esq., of Corres,

Husband of the above named MARY RUDKIN,

Who departed this life on the 7th day of June, 1817,

Aged 74 years.

Inside Lorum Church is a mural monument, on the north wall:

To the Memory

WILLIAM RUDKIN, Esq., of Corres, in this County, Who departed this life on the 7th of June, 1817, In the 74th year of his age. This Monument has been Erected By Captain MARK RUDKIN, of the 50th Regt., As a token of the filial affection He bears for the memory of his late Father.

[Crest and arms.]

Tombstones in old burial-ground, Lorum, round the ruins of the old church, some of the walls of which are still standing, but devoid of interest:-

CAHILL 1730 FLINN 1790 P. GIHEN 1761 M. CAUFIEL 1790 M. KEEGAN 1789 J. DOHERTY 1789 D. BYRNE 1798 And about 10 others.

Here Lieth ye Body of WILLIAM. KINSLEY,Who departed this Life September. ye 10th, 1740.Here Lieth the body of ELEANOR KINSLEY, wife toPATRICK CLONEY, who departed this life May the first, 1743.

Here lieth the body of THIRLAGH KINSLEY,Who departed this life the 27 day of February, 1731.

[From W. Byron, 21st April.]

There are the remains of the base of a very ancient cross in this burial-ground, under an old ash tree. The stone is about 2 feet 6 inches long by 1 foot 6 inches broad, and 18 inches over ground. The hole for the shaft of the cross is perfect, but no remains of the cross itself are visible.

Ryan has not only omitted all mention of this base of a cross, but he also omits any notice of what appears to be part of the shank of an ancient cross which stands in a field about 100 yards west of the old burial-ground, and 10 yards from a lane called "Lorum-lane."

There is a mound of stones and earth round it. It is morticed into a flat granite rock. The part above the surface of this rock is about 1 foot 9 inches high, 1 foot wide, and 4 or 5 inches thick. The mound itself is about 2 feet 6 inches high. There are faint traces of two panels on the west side, but I could not discover any lettering or other marks.

It is said that St. Lazerian was going to build here his church, and hence this mark.

Dr. Comerford says :-- "Two priests' graves are found in this burial-ground--one, that of the Rev. James Murphy, who departed this life July 20th, 1808, aged 41 years ; the other, that of a Father Kearney, with the following epitaph-

"If the amiable virtues of a young man deserve well of society, if the filial piety of a dutiful son merit the affection of a family, and the zealous, noiseless exertions of a distinguished priest obtain the approbation of the clergy, the erection of this stone is a just tribute to the memory of the Rev. THOMAS KEARNEY, etc., etc.

He died in the 27 year of his age, on the 27th January, 1817. Requiescat in pace."

Source  - Terry Curren
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