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OSI Map Grid Ref A-Z Townlands Index
County Carlow

 Source: Susie Warren


In the table below you will find an A - Z listing of townlands, bridges and crossroads in County Carlow which are listed on the Ordinance Survey of Ireland Discovery Series Maps 61, 62 and 68. 

This guide has been tabled in a A - Z format so that the townlands can be found quickly, by using the numbers on the top and bottom of the map, running from Left to Right and on the left and right of the map, running from Top to Bottom. The townland will be found in the approximate area close to the numbers given below.

This guide has been produced purely for my own benefit, as I could find no other useful index. Other, fellow genealogists researching their ancestors in Co Carlow are welcome to use it. I have produced it in an effort to quickly locate townlands, rather than searching the maps for hours, looking for just one obscure townland. Please feel free to bookmark this page, but do not copy this table or use it for any other purpose.

Thank you.

If you do not have the Ordinance Survey of Ireland Discovery Series Maps 61, 62 and 68; please feel free to email me (Michael or Susie Warren) with the names and relevant numbers and I will be happy to look them up for you. 

Map #61 Acaun-Clonegal
Map #61 Clonegal-Milford Cross Rds
Map #61 Milford Lock-Yellowford Cross Rds
Map #62 Ballaghaclay-Woodside
Map #68 Aghabeg-Walshtown

What's In A Name? How well do you know Carlow?
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