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The Town of Carlow in 1786

From "The Post-Chaise Companion" 1786  
(from page 88 of Carloviana January 1948)
Hand Drawn Map of Carlow
c.1735 (Source unknown)

Carlow is pleasantly situated on the River Barrow. It hath a horse-barrack and gives now the title of Viscount to the noble family of Dawson, as it gave that of Marquis to the Duke of Wharton. It makes a very cheerful appearance at a distance, from the number of white houses scattered up and down in its neighbourhood; nor is the traveller disappointed when he enters it, there being a cleanness and neatness in the Streets, superior to most towns in the Kingdom. They have a manufacture here of a course kind of woollen cloth, and are concerned in supplying the adjacent parts with coals from Kilkenny. On an eminence, overhanging the river, stands an old castle, of an oblong square area, with large round towers at each of its angles. There is also in Carlow the ruins of a very fine Abbey, built about 634, whose founder was buried there, and gave name to the structure. Near it is a small Protestant Church.

Carlow consists of one main street, and another not of so large extent which crosses it in the middle, with two or three back lanes: the Church is small, and only an indifferent structure, but the market house is remarkably neat.

Up the river from Carlow the landscape is highly picturesque; and downwards for eight miles along its banks to Leighlinbridge, the ride is delightful. At a due distance the grounds swell gradually into mountains, which from their feet to their mid-sides, are covered with woods; and to enliven the prospect, the inter-jacent tract is sprinkled with several little white villas, neatly planted around.


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