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Important Note and further explanation

Each line includes the name of the person selling the deed, the person buying the deed and the Deed Books Volume #/Page/Deed Number:
Ex. 59/14/39181 means Deed # 39181 on page 14 of Deeds Volume 59.
The earliest deeds have been highlighted. I would like to acknowledge Peter Coutts' work putting this list together.

Deeds by Townland Deed Books Volume #/Page/Deed Number
Lecky to Duckett 59/14/39181
Lady Londonderry to Ridgeway 14/417/6490
Cooper to Duckett 38/113/23535
Cooper et al to Roach 38/342/24499
Ridgeway to Dowling 28/268/47576
Ridgeway to Cooper 30/354/18806
Ridgeway to Watson 32/2818806
Ridgeway to Cooper 38/113/23534
Lady Londonderry to Cooper 14/414/6481
Lady Londonderry to Ridgeway 14/417/6490
Cooper to Cooper 28/90/16678
Lady Londonderry to Cooper 14/414/6481
Hovenden to Cooper 66/297/46370
Lady Londonderry to Cooper 14/414/6481
Shrah (Sragh or Shragh) including Coopers Hill Demesne  
Saunders to Cooper 12/472/5893
Gore to King 67/104/45461
Cooper to Cooper 78/124/53873
Cooper to Taylor 99/106?/68160?
Hovenden to Fitzgerald 207/66/135460
Saunders to Singleton 14/390/6433
Cooper to Gale 233/552/156561
Cooper to Bowles 262/115/163056
Cooper to Whitty 274/389/179240
______? to Cooper 247/162/168961
Cooper to Walsh 248/37/160962
Cooper to Murray 232/22/16?979
Cooper to Corrigan 262/119/169960
Cooper to Whitty 274/391/179240
Cooper to Ferrier 294/310/94797
Cooper to Cornish 297/625/196428
Cooper to Houghton 301/335/201026?
Cooper to Taylor 321?/577? /???
Plus several more transactions under Shragh that are unreadable  
Plus Dame Jane Gore to Gore (a Will not a deed) 135/248/91266
Cooper to Faw?? 99/105/68159
Watson to Wordsworth 106/428/74148
Watson to Wright 249/568/166654
Watson to _____? 315??
Ballinakill pt (plot?)  
Lady Londonderry to Cooper et al 42/587/27301
Cooper _____??? 108/165/75979?
Cooper to Penrose (otherwise Cooper) 125/140/84507
Warren to Cooper 130/515/90110
______? to Cooper 145? 225/ ?7836
Ballandres Plot  
Cooper to Flanagan 142/490/96399
Hovenden to Hovenden 146/504/98576
Gore to Hoventon 76/216/53690
Cooper to Cooper 198/257/13218?
Cooper to Cooper 207/435/137914
Cooper to Cooper 209/183/137916
Cooper to Nass??? 269/609/182089
Aghanacross (just the Cooper entries)  
Lady Londonderry to Cooper 14/414/6481
Murry to Cooper 318/402/218104
Cooper to Murray 298/288/197468
Cooper to Fisher 234/335/153455
Cooper to Brown 370/73/246777
Cooper to Juffery 401/184/268/095

Note: this is not an exhaustive list; it is only the relevant references which can be made out on the very bad quality LDS microfilm of the Dublin Deeds Office Index. Many more records will probably be found once the original index in Dublin is actually researched. Details in this list may also be incorrect due to the very bad quality of the images involved.

Note: an abbreviated summary of each deed called the “Memorial” of the deed is viewable at no charge at the Dublin Deeds Office

These memorials are also available from the LDS Family History Library on microfilm but the quality of the reproduction is extremely poor and most of them are extremely hard to make out. Photocopies of the original deeds themselves are available at the Dublin Deeds Office for a €6 daily access fee plus a charge of €6 per deed copied. At present I don’t believe there is any way to order these by mail.

I have provided summaries to some of the memorials which I have examined or which others have examined and sent to me. These summaries are not to be taken as history or as fact as they have not been verified in any way by other than the original authors who may have varied levels of experience making out these legal documents which are often almost illegible on the LDS microfilms. This is just a reference to point out a document which you may wish to examine yourself.

Deeds Volumes Approximate Years

Volumes 1 to 10 1708-1713
Volumes 11 to 20 1713-1720
Volumes 21 to 46 1720-1725
Volumes 47 to 163 1726-1754
Volumes 164 to 298 1755 – 1775
Volumes 299 to 530 1776-1800

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