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USA Records of Naturalization
People from Carlow

Source: Researched by Stephen Baker  c.2015
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The following Records of Naturalization were granted to Irish immigrants in Massachusetts during the 19th century. They are an invaluable resource, as the county of birth in Ireland, occupation, address, and the years of birth and arrival  is often provided. Due diligence is recommended when noting the year of birth and year of arrival to the U.S. on the certificate. These dates were often manipulated in order to make it appear as if the petitioner was a minor upon arrival. According to    

The Act of May 26, 1824 allowed immigrants who arrived before their 18th birthday to, upon reaching age 21, petition for naturalization without filing a prior declaration of intention.  Petitions filed under this provision are usually called "Minor Naturalizations" because they relate to individuals who arrived as a minor (but who were an adult, age 21 or older, when actually naturalized).  

They are also examples of "one paper naturalizations" because no declaration was required.  Many courts combined the declaration and petition documents into a form for this document which may or may not include the word "minor" in the title. Regular forms will cite the 1824 Act.  The minor naturalization provision was often abused and was repealed in 1906 (

Stephen Baker has provided the following copies of U.S. Petitions for Naturalization for men from Carlow and has chosen to share his research by sending copies of the records to be put on the IGP Carlow website in the hope that they might help other people find their missing relatives.

Their names are:

1860 James Haydon
1874 Garrett Barrington
1874 Michael O'Brien
1874 Thomas Doyle
1877 Patrick McDonald
1883 John Doyle
1887 Morgan Cavanagh

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