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Tower Hill
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Tower Hill, Carlow
Tower Hill, Graiguecullen. Formally the home of the old Royal Constabulary (R.I.C) barracks on the corner of Killeshin Road and Chaff Street, Graiguecullen. It was built in 1867 by Rowan McCombe from Ulster who used the building to operate his own printing works. Built of granite cut stone, it is decorated with gargoyle style heads. On the Chaff Street side of the tower there is a plaque with the inscription underneath: Erected A.D. 1867 by Rowan McCombe.
Source donated by "Carloman"
Tower Hill (rear). Rowan McCombe incorporated Gargoyles and other grotesque images as ornamental decoration on the barracks. Usually such figures would act as water spouts carrying rainwater away from a building, in former times such figures were erected usually on church buildings as protection from evil spirits. The image was taken by Peter Walker in Sept 2008.
This item sent in by P.P. is part of a book entitled "Views of The City and County Dublin" and published by Oliver & Company, Limited of Tower Hill, Graiguecullen, Carlow. Eire.
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Tower Hill (now turned into apartments). Image taken by Tom LaPorte


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