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Carlow Militia
Men of Carlow and the Spanish Civil War

Source: Terry Curran

Men of Carlow and their Involvement in
 the Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil war (1936-1939) broke out when the Spanish army in Morocco led by General Francisco Franco rose up against the democratically elected Republican government, presided over by Manuel Azaña. To go into the how’s and why’s of the war would need a web page in its self. Carlow born men served on both sides their fate is unknown to me at the moment.

One man from Carlow is known to have been on side of the Spanish Republicans and fought with the International Brigade’s Connolly column made up Irish men, lead by Peadar O’Donnell

On the Nationalist side (Franco) came the XV Bandera Irlandesa del Terico of the Spanish Foreign Legion. Or more commonly known as O’ Duffy’s Bandera made up of Irish Blue shirts under the leadership of Eoin O’Duffy, he wanted to be the Irish fascist leader, 10 men from Carlow served in this unit.

O’Duffy’s troop's training
International Brigade Spain      
Surname First Name Rank Town of Birth
Holden Dennis N/A Carlow
See document on Dennis Holden      
O'Duffy Bandera      
Surname First Name Rank Town of Birth
Brennan Michael Pte Muinebeag
Dunny **** Pat Sgt Carlow Town
Dunphy **** John C Sgt Carlow Town
Fitzsimmons Barney Bernard Sgt Kells
Hore George Pte Carlow Town
Lawlor James Sgt Borris
Matthews* R Cpl (Castle Street *) Carlow Town
Nelly **** Martin Pte St Mullins
O'Cuinneagain Seosmh Pte Graigue
Tobin Mick Cpl Carlow Town

**** These name are in a three page commemorative booklet for a group leaving Ireland for Spain, to fight for Franco. It is held in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Balmoral Avenue, Belfast 9. Its reference number is D.1625/19 in the papers of Sean Cunningham.

* Lived in Castle Street. Carlow - (Source: Carloman c2007)

Sgt Pat Dunny Carlos Town
Going downhill: Sgt. JC Dunphy, of Carlow Town (1st on the left) with Lt Tom O´Riordan, Sgt. Jack Moran, and Sgt. Thomas Hobbins.
Sgt. John C Dunphy of Carlow Town.

Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Balmoral Avenue, Belfast 9. Its reference number is D.1625/19 in the papers of Sean Cunningham & Ireland and the Spanish Civil War website.

Sent in by: Terry Curran c2007


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