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Rent-charges Registered since 1832
County Carlow

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A RETURN of the Number of Rent-charges Registered at each Session, since 1832 stating the Name and Residence of each Person so Registered, the Barony and Denomination of Land on which the Charge was granted, and the Name of the Person granting the same; distinguishing the 50l. from the 20l. Rent charges

Rent charges Registered since 1832


No. Name and Residence Denomination Barony Name of Person Granting Amount Session when Registered
1 Bunbury, Benjamin, Russeltown Russeltown Carlow Henry Bunbury 20 Oct. 1832
2 Bunbury, Henry, ditto ditto ditto ditto 20
3 Burton, Benjamin, Burton-hall Hugha Idrone, East Wm. F. Burton 20
4 Coffey, Martha, Carlow Carlow Carlow John Coffey 20
5 Carey, Henry, ditto Kilmeany ditto Colonel Bruen 20
6 Carcy, William, Ballinacarrig Ballinacarrig ditto ditto 20
7 Ducket, Thomas, Belview Friarstown ditto Jonas Ducket 20
8 Ducket, Jonas, jun., ditto ditto ditto ditto 20
9 Clear, John, Rosdillig Seskinmadra Idrone, East John Clear, jun. 20
10 Doyne, Robert, Borris Ballycarney Carlow Henrietta Doyne 20
11 Elliott, William, Ratheroge Ratheroge ditto Thomas Elliott 90
12 Faulkner, Hugh, Castletown Greapneidug Forth Henry Faulkner 20
13 Graves, Hugh Ryves, Dublin Ralot ditto not mentioned in affidavit 20
14 Garret, James P., Janeville Graignealug ditto William Garret 20
15 Gray, John, Upton Ballyhuboc Idrone, East Robert Gray 50
16 Haddock, Isaac, Dublin Carlow Carlow Francis Dillon 50
17 Hutchinson, James, ditto Ballykealy Forth not mentioned 20 _
18 Hutchinson, John Dawson, ditto ditto ditto ditto 20
19 Hutchinson, Dawson, ditto Coppinagh Rathvilly ditto 20
20 Hutchinson, Samuel, ditto ditto ditto ditto 20
21 Hutchinson, Summers, ditto ditto ditto ditto 20
22 Hutchinson, Frederick, ditto ditto ditto ditto 20
23 Hutchinson, Joseph Fade, ditto ditto ditto ditto 20
24 Hatchell, John, ditto Ballynochan St. Mullins ditto 50
25 Jones, Francis Hacketstown Ballykilduff Rathvilly ditto 20
26 Leckey, John James, Kilmalogue Newgarden Carlow John Leckey 50 __
27 Murphy, Rev. John Balinakill Knockmore St. Mullins not mentioned 20
28 Mathers, Jolin, Cronaska Cronaska Rathvilly James Mathers 20 __
29 Stackpoole, Rev. Mr. H., Dean of Kilferna Ballon Forth not mentioned 50
30 Thornton, Samuel, Palatine Town Knockard Carlow Wm. H. Thornton 20 Oct 1832
31 Watson, John Lecky, Kilconnor Kilconnor Idrone, Bait John Watson 20
32 Baker, Simon, Eaglehill Eaglehill Rathvilly not mentioned 20 Oct. 1833
33 Downing, Arthur Matt., Sherwood Sherwood Forth Rev. S. Downing 20
34 Herring, Darby Wm. Cooper, Shrule  Rathornan Idrone, West H.H. Cooper 50  
35 Butler, Richard P.Ballintemple Garryhunden ditto Sir Thos. Butler 20  
36 Herring, Charles. Shrule Rathornan ditto H.H. Cooper  -  June 1834.
37 Edge, John D., Clonbrock Raheendoran ditto John Edge 20 20 June
38 Alexander, Lorenzo, Milford Clocristic Carlow John Alexander 20 April 1835
39 Alexander, George, ditto ditto ditto ditto 20  
40 Bunbury, Thomas C., Russelstown Russelstown ditto Henry Bunbury 20
41 Eustace, Hardy. Ardristen Rathera Forth Robert Eustace 20 Jan. 1835.
42 Humfrey, Benjamin. Dublin Green lane Carlow Alex. Humfrey 20 June
43 Langford, Ricbnrd. Knockdrcemogh  Knockdreemogh Forth Michael Kelly 20 April   -
44 Smith, Alfred, London; Ballykealy  Ballykealy ditto John J, Lecky 20  
45 Watson, W., Liverpool; Ballydartin  Ballydartin Idrone, East John Watson 20  
46 Watson, John, jun., Ballydartin Ballydartin ditto ditto 20  
47 Cranston, John, county Tyrone Balinabrana Idrone, West John Alexander 20 20 Jan 1836
48 Durdin, Midiael, Cranmore Cranmore Forth grantor not mentioned 20 20 Jan. 1836
49 Fishbourne, Joseph, Queen's county Carlow Carlow Thos. Fishbourne 20 20 June
50 Fishbourne, Robert, Leary 8 acres, Carlow Carlow Wm. Fishbourne 20 Jan. 1835
51 Garret, Samuel, Janeville Kilmocklin Forth Wm.Garrett 20 April
52 Irvine, Henry, Dublin Monacurra Carlow Rev. Thos. James 20 Oct
53 Jackson, Adam, Graiguc Quinamore ditto Wm. Jackson 20 April
54 Vigors, John Cliff, Burtgage Ballynochan Idrone, West Rev. J. Vigors 20 Jan
55 Handy, John, Barraghmore Ballinabranna ditto John Alexander 20 ditto
56 Handy, Fleming, ditto ditto ditto ditto 20 ditto
57 Handy, Samuel, ditto ditto ditto ditto 20 ditto
58 Hatchell, Geo. Ludford, Co. Dublin     Kildavin St. Mullins John Hatchcll 20 Oct

A. J. Humfrey, Clerk of the Peace

Source: Library catalogue of the University of Southampton Transcribed by T. Curran

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