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Pollerton Castle
Pollerton Road, Carlow

Pollerton Castle
 (rear of premises)
Pollerton Castle.
Map from OSi
Pollerton Castle.
Pollerton Castle (front)

Pollerton Castle

Pollerton Castle, Carlow. Built in 1839 is currently the home of Mr. Richard. Healy & Son. Richard Healy senior (1911 1993) founded the funeral business in March 1944. He was a local entrepreneur and a relatively modest well known marathon athlete, known throughout the county of Carlow and the business flourished under him. In 1960 he was joined by his only son Pat.

The business was run from Richards home in College Street, Carlow in the 1960's. As the business increased it was evident that extra space and facilities were needed and he bought Pollerton Castle, Carlow to fill this need.

Map of Pollerton 1790

In 1872 it was the residence of Mr. Charles Casey. who is listed as a member of the International Institute for Preserving and Perfecting Weights and Measures c.1889.

This is a copy of an entry found in a book A Miracle in Stone first printed in 1877on page 86 . It indicates that Mr Casey was a civil engineer, author and a pyramid expert. (Source: Turtle Bunbury)

In the Landowners register of 1870 for County Carlow Charles Casey is listed  as having 5 acres of land in Carlow.

Mr Casey also gets a mention in the British Medical Journal  June 28. 1884 under Communications Letters received. from.

In Slater's Directory of 1894 for Carlow there was a Mrs. Hester Casey listed as living in Pollerton castle.

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