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Baptism Records
RC Parish Clonegall

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Transcribed Colleen McClain c2004

RC Parish Clonegall   -  Residence  Kilbride

Date of Birth Date of Baptism Child's Name Mthr Name Fthr Name Sponsor Name Sponsor Name Parish book Vol/Page
Feb 9 1837 Feb 19 1837 Hickey, Elizabeth Kehoe, Catherine Hickey, John Power, John Murphy, Elizabeth 1/52
Sep 30 1838 Sep 30 1838 Hickey, Elizabeth Kehoe, Catherine Hickey, John Kehoe, Michael Fitzpatrick, Bridget 1/88
Dec 25, 1842 Dec 25, 1842 Hickey, Catherine Kehoe, Catherine Hickey, John Murphy, Arthur Keogh, Ellen 2/1
For the above baptisms, the record I have does not show diocese, and by "chapel" it shows "NR".

The following Transcribed by Maureen Neidle c2004

LDS film #0926110              
RC Clonegall Parish
Date of Baptism Childs Name Fathers Name   Mothers Name   Sponsor Name Sponsor Name Residence
1836, 11 Apr ???? Nick Fitzpatrick Margaret Neill Lawrence Folay Margaret Anderson Craan,
1841, Aug Patrick John Harris Kitty Kinsella Dick Anderson Bidy (Foe?) (Coolre?)
1841, Jan Betty Nick Fitzpatrick Margaret Neill John Anderson Mary Whelan Craan,
1841, 13 Dec (Mary?) Tom ? Timmons Bidy (Cavanagh?) (Ian?) Carter Bidy Foley Clongal,
1842, 19 Mar ???? John Anderson Betty Whelan Jas (Loary?, Loftus?) Sally Whelan Kilcarry,
1844, 29 Sep Catherine Alfred Timmins Biddy Cavanagh Jams. Doyle Anne Dunne Kilbranish,
1846, 2 May John John Anderson Biddy Whelan John Allen Ellen Cummins Kilcarry,
1846, 20 Sep Thomas Mick Jordan Kitty Foe Richard Anderson Judith (?) (Minmone?)
1847, 27 Jun Own (Owen?) William Fitzpatrick Margaret   Richard Anderson Mary Neill (Killbride?)
1848, 27 Feb Mary John Anderson Biddy Whelan Rich. Anderson Biddy Neil Ballyredmond,
1849, 8 Apr Patrick John Breen Anne Anderson Jas. Somers Eliza Fitzgerald Drummond,
1851, 20 Jul Eliza Patt Brirn Anne Anderson Jas. Loftus Betty Whelan Drummond,
1851, 21 Nov John William Kelly Mary   Thomas Kelly Margaret Anderson (Killrnisis?)
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